Can My Wife Wear A Shelf Bra?

I need some feedback to if my wife's breast are suitable for a shelf bra. She is 34 D and I would like her to really use it but she will not if her breast do not feel support. What do you think, are they to droopy for this garment?
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10 Responses Jan 14, 2012

She sure could and should.

looks like you have confirmation that she can wear them and lots of good input on where to get them already. have you tried any? love to see her in some!

my breasts are 34ddd and I wear shelf bra's all the time... It really forces them front and forward. Totally in your face. It's an awesome look. I highly recommend it. xoxo

The biggest problem is that American vendors seem to sell them only by band size and they don't fit right on larger breasts (my GF is an enhanced 34DD). If you can find one sized by band and cup you should be fine, but so far I have only found them in the UK

My wife is 36-38D, and she really likes the shelf bras I've bought her. The ones on the site previously mentioned look good, and here's another site I've used.<br />
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I think the real secret is - look for bras that are sized by band/cup sizes, not those that just come in S/M/L/XL. Those won't fit and provide nearly the support of the better ones in band/cup sizes.

Thanks for the link. My GF is an augmented 34DD and this is the first stie I have seen that sells shelf bras by band and cup size. I agree, the band-only size shelf bras don't fit right, especially on larger breasts. Thanks again for the link, wish it was US based

Although its not US based, I've had very good experience ordering from them. Also, there's this one from the UK: They also have high quality band/cup sized shelf bras. Have yet to find a US based site, but have had good experiences with both of these personally.

I´m also fascinated from these bras. I think your wife has not found the right one yet.<br />
Dont give up and find a good bra - i´m in the same situation meanwhile.

Let us know how she got on... Finding shelf bras with enough support is hard for larger and older ladies.

Let us know how she got on... Finding shelf bras with enough support is hard for larger and older ladies.

They are one of the best makers ... good luck :)

The only way to find out is to try one<br />
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These are the nicest ones out there.<br />
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