Cupless and Loving It

Feels like i am wearing nothing! and the sisters look like they are 16 again!


Not to mention the "titilation" going on!!


All women should wear them...i think from now on its the only bra i will wear

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mmmmm sweet ! l love your style and attitude !

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love this idea. Please add me as a friend

Free the girls, baby!

Want my wife to wear these. Should just order a couple for her.

is this still a good option for someone with a large chest? i am a 34 DD. what is the sizing of shelf bras? also, is it not a good option for being active (i.e. dancing)?

Where ARE these women? I love to see that kind of thing.

There are a lot of tops i love wearing it with .... Singlets... shirts...spaghetti tops... wrap around... bolero tops... cowl neck...practically everything.... you should also try it with a poncho...<br />
It gives great cleavage.. and keeps every one wondering whether or not you are actually wearing one... and how firm you really are...

I love my shelf bra. I drives my boyfriend crazy. He can't help but stare. I wear a low cut wrap dress that exposes just enough. We always get great service. The bartender tries to take a peek. I love the free feeling and the support.

For images you can take a look at this<br />
<br />
Shelf bra images<br /><br />
you can always google for images of Shelf Bra's, Cupless Bras and Open Tip bras. <br />
<br />
Well, in the shelf and the cupless ones, the ones which have quarter a cup to provide support are better than he ones with lesser support or no support.<br />
<br />
For starters you can also try open tip or open nipple one to get a hang of your clothing rushing against your nipples, but nothing to beat the cupless one. but again, do make sure its the one which does provide support as well. <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
This is a good example of a supported one.

can any one recomend a site where I can look at one and maybe get one.<br />
<br />
There seems to be differnt types. One the is more like a shel and one that is like a shelf with open nipples. which is the best?

Well, you are absolutely right. I go my first pair out of curiosity and now i have 8 of them, all colors. They are the best gift to woman kind, they make you look ultra firm with no support , Liberated. You do have to be careful with what you wear them with, but there's always the scarf!

under 30$ on the internet...came within 5 days

I've never tried one, but reading your story I really want to get one now lol