Shelf Bra

Wearing a shelf bra, support but leaving your nipples free and your breast free to jiggle and bounce....wonderful!  I love mine I will never wear a regular bra again!  I love the look of nipples that poke thru my shirt - it makes me soo horny while I wear it - then again anytime I show my **** I feel horny :)


Ive never worn a tipless bra - do they fee nice?

NYGirl73 NYGirl73
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Looking for a source to get my wife a comfy open-tip bra - she's a 36DD. Any suggestions where to shop?

Super hot look. Always makes the men stare

I would love to wear one. I love my breasts

I'm looking for a shelf bra for my girlfriend. I would love your help. She's a 50dd.

They feel really amazing. But cant beat the Shelf Bra. The tipless reduces the Jiggle and Bounce, but adds quiet to the confusion of the others. LOLS...

When my wife wears one, it is amazing, I lose all control. This is one of the greatest inventions. Thank you to all women who are willing to wear one.

I don't care for the tipless, I tried it and my nipples would get pulled through the hole too much and look weird under the shirt and then it would hurt them too, I prefer the shelf bra better

What brand / manufacturer would you recommend?

Wow!!! Would love to run into you!


You avatar and this story has my mind racing!! I would really like to see what you are talking about! I've never heard of a shelfbra!

Could I be your friend and experience it...


Honey where have you been all my life?

Ohhh Yesss...... That's the only thing I wear...... I have mine custom made...... Ultra Sexy.......!!!!

Can you share? I'd like too look into a custom made one.

I think my breasts r too big to wear a shelf or cupless bra

That's the reality. Shelf or cupless bras don't work on big-breasted women, sadly. But on the flip side you have the cleavage to show off :-)

That's true lol

That's the positive side of it lol

Axami sells great shelf bras! They are not cheap, but I promise you will get the BEST support you've ever had.

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Would you say they would be good for a guy to wear as there supposed to help push up what's there and make the nipples stock out more??
Welcome your advise xx

Men in bras is just weird to me...

I fully understand the nipple show through and enjoy the (all too) infrequent come on's by other women...I'm a well satisfied Lesbian, but it's neat to have other women lust over my girls...


You should definitely try cupless bras. If they're good quality, they can even look bette than shelf bras, as they provide very interesting lift and then frame the breast as a piece of art. Try it, it's beautiful...

I LOVE shelf bras! To me, they are like plates saying, "Dinner is served."

NYGirl73 - if you don't mind me asking...when you wear your shelf bras is it obvious that your nipples are free or do people think that your nipples are just rock frickin hard and it's poking through the material?

Depends what I wear with it, sheer tops look likes they are free, thicker materials gives the appearance of rock hard nipples.

Don't know what I think is sexier...guess that nipples are rock hard or thinking that nipples are unconstrained... question...if you don't mind... which do men seem to respond to more? I mean, there is definitely something sexy when a girl leaves something to the imagination. I imagine that the girls that are jealous must not appreciate you stealing the show.

Shelf bras are so sexy - for small or large breasted women. Why not set your breasts on display and as you said, enjoy the erotic feeling of sexiness and the attention that may come your way. Love life - Be sexy baby.

I don't know who loves my wife's shelf bras more, me or her! She has a few, and wears them at different times. We love the fact that, when she needs to wear a bra, she can be sexy and a little naughty. She loves the way some fabrics feel against her nipples. We both love the way the bras allow her nipples to be more prominent. <br />
<br />
Very importantly to her, the shelf bra allows her to go certain places in public and not be braless (and suffer the judgement that comes with that), but still appreciate the effect she has on guys as her **** jiggle a little and her nipples are a little more evident.<br />
<br />
Frankly, I think my wife is smoking hot no matter what she wears. She's just a little hotter when she wears a shelf bra. We both love other women who are confident and fun enough to wear them.

just bought my wife $500 worth of sheer and shelf bras as she just wasn't getting around to doing it...she loves them! love watching her move in different ways under her clothing than she did with the lesser sexy bras....!

I love to just let my beautiful breasts free from the restraints of my bra sometimes. I have no problem showing them, they are great to look at after all, just don't stare at them because then it's too weird.

I may have trouble not staring!

I'm a female and I look at breast all day...especially mine. I love to wear my shelf bra at work and pull on my nipples while I'm on calls

Wow, where can I get one???

mmmmmmm :)

Dear god, you must look delicious that way! I envy the mall rats! What kind of open nipple bras do you use?

shelf bras are nipple bras even better. it forces the nipple thru the hole which keeps it hard. i love pairing it with a loose silk top that just skims my nipples...mmmm perhaps another trip to the mall today is instore. I find a busy shopping mall and a nipple free bra stimulating!

I must try that

My wife loves her shelf bras too. At first we had a difficult time finding ones which would fit well with her 36D breasts. But once we found some good, well-fitting shelf or quarter-cup bras, its been great! I think I need to find another sexy one to give her for Valentine's! :)

When you wear a shelf bra and your nipples poke through your it plainly obvious that you're wearing a shelf bra or would people think that you have super-human nipples that no bra can contain. I swear that's what I see I'm they have a shelf bra?

I love seeing my wife in her shelf bra too. MMMMM!

Do you like for others to see your wife too?

i love wearing shelf bras...i find them d best bras as there is a lot of cleavage tat u can gt...also i wear dis bra in public as i love attracting people to me...n i love d way people stare at my nipples..its just funn..

That is hot

i love wearing shelf bras...i find them d best bras as there is a lot of cleavage tat u can gt...also i wear dis bra in public as i love attracting people to me...n i love d way people stare at my nipples..its just funn..

It is fun to have ppl trying to ogle and yet no notice...lols.... It feels good to have them jiggling and perky occasionally.. it also depends on what you are wearing.... I wore it once with a low neck,fitting short spaghetti dress. Was looking really pretty and sensous too. Loved the way they jiggled.and the way my nipples pointed out of the dress. Definitely not see thru though!

thirsty it is isssssssssssss :)

i am sure its a lovely feeling to be the centre of attraction with those perky nips & jiggly boobs.

so if i ever see you, it is o.k. to look at your niples?

I'm not bold enough to wear a shelf bra under a sheer blouse... but i love wearing shelf bra... wear them almost everyday....i prefer wearing them under a singlet or shirts... even worn them under a cowl top and a poncho as well... love the way the cleavage shows... An open tip bra is good as well.. as it provides more coverage... your nipples would poke out... just like the shelf.... my votes with the shelf...yes.. the open tip occasionally...

I have a shelf bra and love to wear it under a sheer blouse. the looks that I get walking in to various places is such a thrill. I love to watch people look at my chest and know that not only do they see my chest, but they also see my "girls." I have recently ordered an open nipple bra. I thought this would be fun to wear too. The place I ordered it from said it was intended for bedroom usage. Not this girl! I plan on wearing it and exposing my nipples as much as possible. I'm going to explore various avenues in keeping my nipples hard all the time too. Man I love nipples!!

some of the open nipple bras have no support - I really dont like those. They make open tip bras that fit like a real underwire bra with the nipples cut out!