Fascinated By Navy Blue Schoolgirl Knickers

Since about the age ten or eleven, I found girls genuine school uniform knickers a complete turn on, especially navy blue, closely followed by bottle green and maroon.  I would spend hours just watching them either doing PE in just their blouses and knickers or doing handstands with their gymslips over their faces, happily showing their lovely navy blue gym knickers.  I have have two young ladies who are more than happy to wear full school uniform for me - navy blue gymslip, white blouse, tie, white knee-hi socks and yes, navy blue cotton school uniform knickers.  As you can probable guess, when I am with these ladies, they spend a lot of time either with their gymslips up round their waists and their navy blue knickers on full view or simply dressed as they would be for PE - white blouse, navy blue knickers and white short sports socks - Oooooh, what a wonderful sight. 
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Yes I fully agree about the cross country,as I witnessed it first hand.
Two or three of the girls sometimes joined our cross country run when then they didn't like hockey or netball.
And yes they ran in navy blue knickers.
This was in the late 50's and nobody made any comment about it. It was excepted as being quite normal.
I was nearly always a front runner, but made sure that I occassionally went towards the back, just to check that the girls were keeping up and were not in any trouble.
One one part of the run,we had to negotiate a five bar gate.
What a lovely sight to see a female bottom, clad in navyblue cotton knickers getting over that gate.
That is as far as it went, just watching.

But happy memories.

If you were lucky enough to attend a mixed sex senior school in the Uk during the 1940's , 50's or 60's; you will most certainly have seen all girls wearing regulation cotton school knickers.They were everyday wear for the British schoolgirls and were a compulsary part of their uniform.Every girl in every class, should have been wearing proper school knickers, although a few tried to break the rule and wear other types of knickers.During the 40's and 50's, due to the war years, money was tight and clothes were on ration.Many girls would have only owned, school knickers; mothers did not have money to spend on other styles, nor did they want to.Possibly a girl whose school uniform required her to wear a coloured pair; may have had some white ones for Sunday best. But these would still have been the same pattern as her coloured ones ,only white.Girls even went on holiday in their school knickers;because they had no others. Most schoolboys like myself would take every oppertunity to try and see a girls school knickers.Some ways in which you might see them were; the wind blowing her skirt up; the girl doing a handstand; a girl going up steep stairs in front of you; or someone lifting up her skirt ( maybe you).Other oppertunities you may have had, were watching gym or games classes. In our school; girls just did their excersises in school knickers and a blouse or tea shirt.Similarly for games as well; although some schools allowed the girls to wear a gym skirt for outdoor games.These were much shorter than a normal school skirt and so presented ample oppertunity to see the school knickers that were underneath.The other big sightings were washing lines.On wash day, in every street in every city, town or village; there would be scores of washing lines adorned with school knickers flapping in the breeze.Then if you had a sister who was of senior school age; then her knickers would be around the house.I hope this has given non UK readers who have never seen girls wearing regulation school knickers, an insight into the delights we Britishlads had. sadly this has now all gone. and even if there are still any school where girls are required to wear them, you will not see them. https://sites.google.com/site/lizamays/

I was similarly turned on just by the thought of them wearing navy blue knickers.I never actually saw them wearing them.But the fetish has stayed with me ever since.

Lucky fella!

Lucky fella!

It must have been about when I was 9 years old that I too became facinated by blue and green school knickers, I used to watch girls show their knickers when playing etc.
I was totalled obsessed with seeing girls showing off thier schoolknickers- only seemed to like green or blue knickers and showing them- one did a twirl in front of me and showed her green knickers. Another, sat on the grass and withouit realising it showed me her green knickers and the lovely shape of her bum and crotch. I wanted to wear these and and a few years afterwards did. My wife encouraged me saying that there was no harm in iot and who did I hurt, Even these days I wear green schoolgirl knickers under my trousers and a bra with falsies under my polo shirt, Oddly, I have had nobody look at me even though my false boobs poke out. I even went out in a city we were visiting in a green skirt,black low shoes ,white socks and a school blouse and jumper on-nobody looked at all!

I agree completely. Love to dialog and write stories with others who love seeing and peeking at regulations knickers.

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Im also turned on by girls gym knickers and Im glad that im not alone. I like the blues as well and also prefer white ones with the wide cuffed leg opennings. Girls knickers size 18 are the ones that fit best but I like the size 10 and they fit vary snug giving the ultima support and comfort up from front belt line to back. I think the girls knickers give better support then the guys briefs. Here in the U.S. we dont have any thing like girls gym knickers but I have dreamed about them sents a vary young age. At a young age maybe age 10 I would go shopping at department stores just looking at boys and girls underwear and it would get me axcited and I loved them but I could not buy any and take them home because I had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I love panties and knickers still to this day and I purchased 26 pairs mostly size 10 and I wear them 24/ 7. They take a beating and get soiled and after being laundried in boiling hot soapy water they come out just line new. My young neighbor girl has a great selection on vary cutie knickers of all colors and when she dose her laundry and hangs them on the outside line letting them dry some times over night It really turns me on. Im always shopping for gym knickers and prefer the ones from the 50s and 60s, they seem to be more of a unisex type of brief. They new style seems to be more cheaper with small leg bands and no cuffes on them. Let me know what you thing about what I had to say. Am I the only one that turly loves cotton gym kinckers. Thank you vary much for sharing. SmallKnicker.