Cousins Knickers

when I was about 12 I went to stay with an antie and her daughter my cousin
we attended the same school every afternoon we would do our homework togather i would lay on the lounge floor and she would be on the satee I can see her now on the satee feet up on the satee end of pencil in mouth I had a full view of he navy blue Knickers
one day she looked down at me and said are you looking up my skirt my face went red every night i use to look in the laundry basket to see what was there some times my aunties DK'S woud be there they were pink our pale blue I liked to put them on but was always carefull not to stain them but my favourite were ms cousins school navy blue i'm surprised i did not go blind
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I was a child in the 1960s, ans saw my older sister's and her friends navy knickers on a regular basis when giving them tummy rubs or back rubs. Happy days.

Fabulous sweetie