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Gym Knicker Spotting



At age 11 I left the primary school where I had enjoyed the weekly
experience of doing Gym with the Girls wearing their White Vests and Navy
Blue Knickers and moved to Secondary School.The next 2 years were a
disapointment,for gym and sports the girls wore Navy Blue Shorts and White airtex blouses all the time.
So I did not see any Gym Knickers whats so ever,although some of the girls
may have continued to wear their Navy Blues underneath from Primary
School,and as the Uniform was bottle green,perhaps others wore Bottle Green.

Then at the start of year 3 a new Gym Mistress,and Head Teacher arrived,and
for me this was haven.Although the existing girls in the School continued
to wear the Navy Blue shorts,New Girls wore Navy Blue non-pleated wrap
around Gym Skirts,yellow airtex gym blouses,and regulation double back
panel/cuff leg Bottle Green Knickers which also had to be worn with the
School Uniform.
Even better the girls were not allowed to wear the skirts in the gym,so it
was yellow Gym blouses and Bottle green knickers.
This is when I started to my Knicker spotting book.
I was fortunate that a number of classrooms I used overlooked the Gym and
the Hall which was also used for Gym.It was wonderful seeing all thoses
girls with their gym blouses tucked into their Knickers stretching and
bending and seeing their large Bottle Green clad bottoms  with the legbands
pulled tightly into their thighs,and the ones who did not tuck the blouses
into their Knickers, the thrill of seeing the shape of a rounded Bottle
Green covered bottom and legbands peering out beneath.I also had the thrill
of noting the names of those girls who did not wear the
the proper Knickers.and saw over a period of time,Navy Blue,White,Grey,and
Blue panties.and various shades of non-uniform 3 girls who wore
1950 bloomers,but thats another story.

Another source for my book was sports days,when the skirts were
discarded,and looking up Girls skirts as they climbed the stairs between
lessons.This was also interesting to see whether  girls wore different
knickers under their skirts than for the younger ones tended to
continue to wear their primary School Navy Blues.Another bonus was knowing
where the girls lived,so that you could go past their house on the way to
school,or weekends/Holidays and see their Knickers on the clothes line.or
seeing a pair of Knickers on a line and finding out who they belonged too.
Unfortunately the girls in my class continued to wear their shorts until
they left,so I never found out what they all wore,However
I did see 1 pair of Grey,1 pair of Bottle Green,and 3 pairs of Navy,and
assumed some of them wore the same colour as their younger sisters.

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Looking at girls' school knickers was one of my hobbies too and I made a pest of myself at the village primary school as I liked pulling up the girls' skirts to see what colour they had on

I can relate to what wetrubbers has written; when I was younger my two sisters and I lived on the coast in Suffolk and on warm summer days it was quite common for us to go down to the beach with our parents once they'd met us from school.
They rarely bothered to bring swimwear for us and told us that we'd just have to paddle. Well you know what children are, paddling became wading, and while my school shorts began to get splashed my sisters would hold their dresses up around their waists to keep them dry and let their navy blues get splashed by the waves too. We knew what would happen at this point; our mum would call us back onto the beach and tell us that if we wanted to wade about we should ***** down to our underwear which the three of us did in two seconds flat!
I loved seeing my sisters in their soaked navy blues and often wished I could wear a pair too....

My liking for wearing knickers started with navy blue school knickers , I loved wearing my sisters ,and wore them at every opportunity ,which was quite often ,
My mother knew that I liked wearing them but didnt seem to mind,
So it was navy knickers for me,

Oh memories all those stories take me back as well. Another thing I liked to see is on holidays when the girls ran into the sea in those lovely knickers and they came out wet through with the knickers glued to their nice young round bottoms etc. or the paddling pools in the park...oh those wet shiny knickers.

Great trip down memory lane, I remember all this girls navy blue cotton knickers underneath short skirts, I liked it and a few years later I married the one with what I thought were the best legs.<br />
Once married she still had her BLUE COTTON GYM KNICKERS, she never put them on again, but I did on many occassion's when she was out..<br />
I then upped the anti- by wearing SILK KNICKERS most days under my suit.<br />
The liking of knickers started when I was 14 watching girls at gym in Sotland

I remember being aroused by girls at my secondary school from age 11 onwards wearing navy blue pleated gym skirts, white blouses and, if I was really lucky, catching glimpses of navy blue cotton P.E. knickers underneath their skirts. Oh happy memories. I've been turned on by navy knickers ever since!