The Feeling

I'm  just a regular 'ol gal that loves the feel of nylon panties. Especially the older, vintage nylon that is so silky and soft. I'm in love with Vanity Fair and Van Raalte nylon. I'm not sure where the obsession started but it's been only within the last few years.

cherriesthemoment cherriesthemoment
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I wish I could find a woman like you that likes to wear full cut satin panties.

I've enjoyed them since my early teens. I absolutely love wearing them.

I love wearing women's panties. The feel is sooo sensual against my skin. I first wore my mom's when I was 8 or 9. I have tried on my wife's lacy panties without her knowing....

I love the sensual soft sensations of nylon panties touching my skin when i slip a pair on. Nylon panties are typically feminine and the prettier and girly looking they are the more i enjoy them. Full bottom cover is a must for me as i believe it accentuates the feminine loveliness of the panties better.<br />
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Although you concede you are not sure where the obsession started cherriesthemoment, but it's better that it actually started rather then not i feel for you. Now you can enjoy beautifully feminine soft and silky nylon panties. Oh yes.<br />
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I also love the full cut nylon briefs of the 50's, love the feel and look. I love to see the crotch panel with my legs up and wide spread, feel the rippled nylon, trace and stare at the big seam curving across my butt. the seam has always gotten me excited on either sex.

I love the feeling of SATIN or SILK around my thighs.<br />
I wear SILK KNICKERS every day under my suit to work.<br />
So comfortable and silky against my thighs and buttocks.

I love wearing womens panties no matter what material it is made from. I always love lace and floral designs with bows. Far surpasses what manufactures make for men in comfort.

Van Raalte is my absolute fave! I luxuriate in the feeling of them! I really enjoy the pettipants under clothing .. gives that pleasurable intensity tingles all the way down the thighs ... sigh. As a collector and proprietress of a vintage lingerie store ( I am able to find a great many at vintage fashion shows and have stored away many for my own personal use lol.<br />
Hugs, Tanalori

Absolutely nothing better than the feel of nylon full brief panties against my skin...Cherish the moments ...

I am a None -op Fem' les T-Girl, / Transgender, I have allways adored wearing, Gorgeous Vintage, 1950s-60s<br />
nylon Panties, which I must have several dozen pairs of, and are all slightly diferent, decor, lace, Frills, or softness and sherness, Vint Panties' they were' and still are' So fiminie, Sensual' arousing and Beautiful the and Pleasurable the feel and sensation to Wear' and to touch' and are More femnine and Luxurious, than and Modern day Panties, that you buy in the hight street, and I know that Women' enjoyed and got pleasure in the 50s-60s Dressing femininly, because the clothes, Dresses, Underwear, Nylon Panties, Slips, and Petticoats, Not to mention, Sheer nylons, were felt so feminine, and pleasurable to wear, !!<br />
I started when young, by wearing my Mums' gorgeous Nylon Panties, i can still remember how Gorgeous, and Beautiful to view and youch, and the exlirarating and arousing pleasure, and sensation, it felt wearing them,<br />
and that pleasure has never left me,<br />
if any girls, / Women would like to get to know me, better, i have extensive collection, hundreds of pics of beautiful Vintage Nylon Panties, Most of which i own, which ether I have taken Pics of when I buy I new' Pair of Panties, or have saved, the pic when i have baught online, i would love to share my love of beautiful nylon panties, with any Female that apreciats, and loves the same, Nicola<br />

Oh how I can identify with this experience. When denied the contact of a woman for oral sex and regular sex I always retreat back to my cross dressing and for good reasons. I love nylon and the feel it gives me. Like many cross dressers I have purged many collections of lovely garments to the Good Will but now that I am single again I am getting back into wearing a few garments like a lovely while stretch lace strapped full slip and pink panties to bed at night. Just sliding around it bed is the most erotic thing I think of. I would love to do this with a woman but few would want too. Maybe a lesbian would not mind, they are so forgiving and I love all lesbians for that. I have one for a dear friend and she advices me on lingerie to choose for the most pleasure it gives. I love her dearly but not in a sexual way at all.

I don't now about more men wearing them than women do but I am a guy that just prefers wearing panties over male underwear.

Love to wear tnhem and feel them next to me. It seems more men wear them then we do!

I love the Van Raalte nylon satin panties. Their size 5 were made to fit me perfectly. I still have over a dozen pair. My mother was a big fan of the old Kayser brand lingerie and last year she went through a lot of her old, stored clothes. I happened to be visiting when she found a couple of unworn Kayser panties which I now have. She also had a few pair of new Plymouth panties with the tags still attached. The fabric was made by Stevens textile and they called their nylon satin tricot "Narcissa". It is incredibly sensuous to feel.