Satin Panties Rock

I too find incredible pleasure in wearing satin panties.  I love the way it feels against my skin and the look on men's eyes when they see me with it on.


I liked it so much I even started a website about my passion for it.  Its called   <a href="">Satin Panties Guide</a>

It is awsome.  I do not know why more people do not wear satin panties.  They are the best.

SatinPantiesGuide SatinPantiesGuide
14 Responses Jan 16, 2009

Everyone should wear satin panties!!! Yes the good ones can be hard to find, but the journey is part of the gift!!!

like nylon will have to get some satin to see how they feel,

I also love the feel of the fabric against my skin.<br />

Yep ! Satin panties do 'ROCK'. K-Mart has the Joe Boxer satin bikini 4pks. I have 8prs. of these. I'm an 8 and I bought these in 10 for the extra room and it worked out real well. I could have went with 9s but I'm happy with the 10s. These are great feeling panties and they look great on. But I would buy them at least one size bigger. Burn your cotton boxers !

I love silk and satin but satin are hard to find, wear breifs covers more. buy a lot of vanty fair at sears. Sales ladys are nice and help find what you want.

I have 'shared' a pack with my bf as well. :) We've even gotten duplicates so we can be matching. Although, his collection of nice silky bikini panties is much larger than mine, I think I might just have to borrow some hee hee.

Yep, K-mart is where my pink satin panties came from as well as the white ones that say "Joe Boxer" all over them. The Woman Who Is In Charge Of My Life and I split a 4 pack and that's what I got. But as an aside: "Joe Boxer" - how un-feminine is that?<br />
Victoria's Secret also has Satin and I'm pretty sure Wal-mart does too.

K mart has 4 packs of nylon silky bikini panties both me and my gf love wearing them.

PLASTIC PANTIES : they feel sooooooooo smoooooooth Joie B. from Pa. USA

Love my panties,what else is there??

yep me too,wear 24/7

Ok, Me too! Hehehe, I couldn't resist.

I like satin but my hands are so rough they destroy the fibers.

U got my vote !!!