Nylon On Nylon Is Like An ****** For Me!

When I submit to the cross dresser world I open up myself to a very long ****** while dressed enfemme.  I have purged my garments a few times at great cost to myself in lieu of unlimted sex with a woman and when that ended I always returned to lingerie for stimulation.  I am building up a collection now but it must be modest.  My choice?  A full white slip with stretch lace straps by Shadow Line and three pairs of full cut pink panties I will wear to bed only.  In the past I used to dress enfemme under my male clothing but lived in fear of detection.  Now I just do not want to deal with that complication so I wear my slips, gowns and panties only in bed while I sleep.  Of course it is fun, those of you who do it know exactly what I mean!

nonahh nonahh
Mar 17, 2009