Satin< Mans Best Friend and Addictor

I have loved satin panties since I was a wee bairn.  I started when I was about 14, having found a pair of my 13 year cousin's "candie's" satin panties on her bedroom floor.  They were white and shiny with the brand logo all over the fabric in pink.  I stole them, because the scent was delicious, a little pee mixed with her feminine scent... and I sniffed and *********** to then until the scent was entirely gone, and only then did I discover the joys of wearing them to bed, and sometimes under my clothes.  I literally wore those little panties out!  I have been a panty fan ever since, and there is nothing like satin, or nylon.

My freshman year in college, I stayed in student housing, but there was not enough room in the towers that year, so the uni also rented out a house for the year that they owned and was slated to be torn down.  it so happened that it was across the street from the girl's dorms, and since we had no laundry facilities in our house, we were allowed to do our laundry in the girl's dorms.  My first trip there was a panty utopia, I remember being almost in disbelief at the literally hiundreds of sexy panties in the HUGE lost and found box... and needless to say some had not made it to the washer yet! I went home with alot more laundry than I came in with for the rest of that semester!

I am only mildly interested in crossdressing myself, but completely identify with those who can look feminine in women's clothing. I am a straight guy, but I have a serious fantasy involving women, girls, and  very femme crossdressers who also know and love this addiction.  For the most part, if an attractive female leaves her panties out in the open and I see them, I am unable to resist the temptation of smelling them and ************ if I have time.  I wear satin or nylon panties almost every day, and prefer mostly pink and white.  My favorite panties are the non-stretch satin with the crinkly zig-zag stitching around the waist and legs... when I see that tell tale crinkle stitch thru a girl's pants or skirt, it most times give me an instant semi.... I am a satin panty addict, and I have no guilt.

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full time pantie lover part time cross dresser,but keep enjoying what your doing

Not interested in full croosdressing but sure love my panties and slips!!!!

Good story. What's a "bairn"?

I love satin panties too!!! I have been wearing them since I was 9 yrs old. Nothing like the feel of the satiny material rubbing my hard **** which makes me hard and I always ********** in them when I have them on.

Nothing wrong with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!