I Had Sex With My Aunt

i was done school early so i went over to my aunts and uncles. my uncle was away with his band and my aunt was always board. it was really hot so we decided to go swimming but i did not have a swim suit. she was wearing a skimpy little bikini and is so sexy. i wear panties quite a bit. i was wearing a low rise while nylon pantie. so i told her i dont really fell like swimming, but it was 34 dagrees. she wouldent stop asking me to go in with her but i was wearing my panty. i asked if i could use one of my uncles but she told me they were all in the wash. she told me to just go in my boxers. i told her i was not wearing boxers today and she said it does not matter. so i started to ***** down while she watched me. i took of my shorts revealing my panties. my **** was hard as a rock. she asked me if they were womans are mens underwear and i told her they were womans panties. she was chuckling. i started to pull my shorts back on but she told me its fine and to come in the pool. i slid in the pool. she came over to me and asked if she could feel. i said ok she got real close to me and grabbed my **** and started rubbing it through my panties. she turned around, pulled her bikini to her knees and started rubbing her *** on my panty covered ****. she grebbed my hands and put them on her double d ****. i cummed in my panties. she pulled her bikini back on. i was hard again. but i was showing it off. i was laying on a pool toy on my back. i took out my **** and started to stroke it. she came over and started sucking on me. i felt her **** again. i cummed in her mouth and she moaned. she gave me a funny looking smile and hoped on me. she was compleatley naked on me. she grabbed my **** and put it a inch in she *****. she asked if i was ready i said yah! she sat down hard i was all the way in. i almost screamed it felt so good. she started riding me but it was not working very good cuz it was a blow up floatie toy. she got off me and she leaned over he edge of the pool and said **** me. i went over and she guided me **** back in her. i ****** her for 5 min. she screamed and we both cummed at the same time. we were done swimming so she got her bikini back on and i put my panties back on. i got out first ans she spanked me on the way out. she said we should put our cloths back on. i said i cant cuz my panties are all wet. she told me to follow her down to her bedroom. she opened her pantie drawer and i got hard. she was searching through the drawer. i went behind her and started rubbing my **** on her. she said it tickled. i grabbed her and put her on the bed. she laid down and i took of her bikini and i ate her out. i sucked on her **** and i took of my panties and ****** her. i cummed all over her face. my mom called me and told me she was comming to pick me up but it wold take her 20 min to get there. so i ****** her again. she told me i could pick any pair of panties to keep. and next time im going to model every pair she has.
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