The Best Briefs I Ever Wore

The best briefs i ever wore was during high school were my best friend moms panties. The were the silkiest panties I ever felt. She wore vanity fair briefs. I would sneak into them every chance I got. They were so soft I had to be careful not to *** too quickly! To this day they stick in my mind.
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They sound lovely! There's something so erotic about women's panties especially when you are a young boy. My mom's panties were so sexy - nylon and lace. I used to put them on and wear my sister's pleated school skirt and wiggle my bottom in front of the mirror.

I had to use the bathroom at a friend's house and I discovered his mother's panties in the hamper. I wanted to swipe them but decided not to. They too were Vanity Fair briefs. A few years later I bought a pair exactly like hers.


Vanity fair still makes some nice panties. The solid color ones are softer than the print ones.


Yes, you are right about the solid colors versus the prints. I have not seen any VF print panties for several years now. They were all made of acetate instead of nylon. I guess it was that acetate would hold dyes better than nylon. But since Fruit of the Loom took them over, they are not quite ase varied in colors or prints as they used to be.

I have a full draw of silk and lace micorfiber love them all where them daily

Yes many of us can remember the bye gone Vanity Fair full cut panties. I had some from thirty, twenty and ten years ago until a year ago when I moved house and a box containing many delightful panties vanished. I can vouch that the older where superior in there softness and silkiness. No question the quality is very different, even the stitching and seaming has changed. Today next to other brands, Shadowline, Carole, Nancy King, Warners, Kaiser they are still the best. The exception is Olga, if you can find them for pure silkiness and lightness to the touch.

You can however go to and have Donna make you some custom panties for under $20 using a fabric nicknamed BTV ( better than vintage) and they are as silky and smooth as many of the old vintage briefs.

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boy can this pansy relate. to this day,when not wearing rhumbas or plastic baby panties, i wear vanity fair full briefs. i stole my first pair off a clothesline.

You can still get those great nylon Vanity Fair briefs.. They may not be quite as nice as you remember. The ones you probably wore were the great Antron III nylon material and now it is a more polished nylon that is not quite as sheer. They have also gone tagless so instead of having the little Vanity Fair tag in the side seam, the material content is stenciled on the back of the panty. But they still feel great when you wear them. You can get several styles. The plain Ravissant panties or the Lace Nouveau with lace trim at the sides of the leg openings. I prefer the Lace Nouveau.Most department store carry them. Enjoy with fond memories!