Nylon Briefs

My girlfriend looks sexier in her nylon briefs than those stupid thongs! She likes to tease me and lets me put my hands on her and run my hands all over panties, the feel of her panties on her body drives me mad!!!

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

etsy.com place your order brief granny panties they 100% nylon fit better on man! i been wearen them 12/1/2 yrs" best ever i build my stock up (20) in black (20) in dark blue"

I like nylon full cut briefs. I hae several pairs of Olga panties with nice lace. I sleep in my underwear, or sometimes a silky nightie, and the pantise are much more comfortable than my Fruit of the Looms.

You should do more than feel - ask her to let you wear her panties. It might be just the experience you always secretly desired. Now is your chance - go for it! There is nothing wrong with wearing panties or other female garments. I wear a girdle with shiny, silk stockings and to view the girdle I am wearing right now, go to my profile album (I adore my girdle) and have a look at the item marked "My 2nd favourite girdle"