The Top Of A Stocking Just Peeking Out Is Such A Tease And An Eye Catcher.

I working in just west of Boston and hadn't been out in some. I fired up the internet and found a place called RCC. A club frequented by tgirls. I thought ok tonite I am going out. So I dressed for the club in a dress I had just bought. A spandex type material wrap around that is ruched at the waist. Blacj and silver and very classy. Under my dress I wore my lace garter belt and matching panties with bra. I was feeling very sexy.
So off to the club I go. It is always a little scary for me walking into a club for the first time but once I was in the door I could tell it was my kind of place. I made my way thru the bar and discovered sliding doors at the back that led to a patio with an outdoor bar and a gigantic pool. The pool was closed but the outside bar was nice. I pulled up a stool and had a seat. Once seated I arranged my dress and crossed my legs leaving the split of my wrap around dress up the middle of my lag exposing the top of my stocking. So sexy yet done with class.
I caught several people catching a peek. lol. I was getting a little warm. After a little while of chatting with people and being approached for dances, A couple came over and sat next to me. The man was a crossdresser and really could have dressed better but none the less was a very nice person. We chatted for a couple minutes and then he was up and about and chatting with everyone. Leaving his girlfriend to chat with me. I was setting sideways to the bar facing her and as she talked to me I kept noticing her looking down at my lap. I had actually forgotten about my stocking for a moment until I noticed her looking. She was having real trouble talking to me because she couldn't keep from staring at my legs. I went to close my dress and cover my stockinged upper leg but was met by "please don't". I looked up and she hit me with the puppy dog eyes. She told me that she was sorry and she had no real fetish for that type of thing but she could just not get over how sexy and totally erotic my legs were. They were like a magnet and she just wanted to look at them.
Now the evening didn't progress much pass that but we did sit and talk for a couple hours and her whole topic of discussion was how polished and sexy I was. That conversation coming from a genetic girl absolutely made my year.

So remember a little stocking can go a long way when presented with class.
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mmmm great story. Thanks for sharing !

I would have been looking also,sorry but they are sexy!!! I mostly. Wear stockings but every now and then Ill wear crotchless panty hose with desings on the legs. Great story!

You must have felt so uplifted and good

such a same that night didn't go any further than it did. You seem to look good in your profile it is hard to make out your fabulas legs

Just an average woman hon. The night didn't need to go any further. It was great just as it was.

Sound like you enjoyed yourself

I love a stocking top peeking out. Especially if its my stocking. Very good story

I am really not sure....I will have to check...

You are an inspiration to us all. As with the 'dresser' in your story I am not passable but with my hetero orientation a well dressed woman is my preference and your look sounds just perfect. It amazes me how well some gurls can pull it off to look better than some woman. I'm not far from Boston, is RCC still there?

Such & great story,Maybe next time it will go farther

Thanks Stacy, I am glad you enjoyed it hon.

Lovely story! Thanks for sharing.