Love Wearing Nylons

I do love to wear nylon stocking.  I love how the nylon stockings feel on my legs and the tug after attaching them to the garters of my girdle.  The smoothness and silkiness is just wonderful.  After pulling up my panties and putting on my bra I love the smoothness.  I usually will then put on a full nylon slip and a  dress before stepping into heels.

I love the sound of the clack, clack, clack of the hells on the floor. It is so wonderful.
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that sounds like a real classy lady`s Outfit which will make 99% of the men get fairly ....

i get off in nylons wooden clogs

Clogs can be so comfortble. I like to wear them with nylons.

mmmn lovely image

Thank-you for the comment

Fabulous sweetie

Thank-you Sammi

I know what you mean. The slip sliding over your panties, the stockings rustling as they glide against each other. The clicking of my heels, keeping time with the shimmying of my ***, pushed out by the heels. So hottttttttt!