Bras and Panties

I started to wear bras every since i found my moms bra laying out on her bed one day. Since then when ever i am alone i put a bra and panties on what a feeling. I fill the bra out ok because i have man boobs, so that gives me a little extra feeling. I also wear slips , nylons , dresses, all in ones, anything that will make me fel sexy. When dress i run around the house looking at myself in the mirror and dancing to music. Since i found this site i even taken some pics of my self . As i type i am sittting in a bra and panties with a slip on typeing away like a women would if she was home alone. When i was young it was my moms bras and panties now that i am married i where my wifes bras and panties and a lot more I love the feeling of wearing them i get so turned on, i love to play with my nipples through the bra it drives me crazy

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sensations are beautiful. I also play a lot with my nipples. I also am a man with breasts. I wear the bra quado can, for personal pleasure. very exciting.

Lingerie has been my choice for underwear for 40+ years. I can't imagine a day without it. I may have male clothing on the outside, but underneath are panties and bra, usually color coordinated to go with the shirt I'm wearing.

Nice breasts sugar!

Does your wife approve and maybe join in? Mine doesn't but I love to hear of couples sharing the fun.

My girl friend loves to watch girl on girl movies and have me go down on her while she watches.I'm always in lingerie when this happens

Lucky girls, she gets her lesbian fantasy brought to life, with the added bonus of a long thick **** to satisfy her.
You may have scope to introduce another girl to the fun, just promise to watch and not touch! 👭💋💋💋

Yes, I know what you mean. Its so Fun to dress & be able to prance around & see your self in a mirror. I also Love to play with my Nipples also. What I can see of yours they look pretty nice.

it does


lucky girl

Great story that we share.Many of us understand you very well girl.<br />
Louise CD


I too have been wearing bras since I was young. I started with my Mom's and sister's bras and panties. I have always loved seeing myself in their bras and panties and have always jacked off when I had them on. I wear my own stuff today and still get very hard when I am dressed. I still jack off whenever I have on my bras and panties. I love wearing any kind of women's lingerie and jack off an much as possible when I wear them. Just can't get enough time to crossdress but really enjoy every moment that I can to do it.

I have A girlfriend online and we swap pics and make love.she likes seeing my hardnesss in my panties