Dollar Store Panty and Bra Sets

I like going to the dollar stores.  They have some really cute little panty and bra sets.  It is easy to find my size there - 34A.  Combine this with a pair of large panties in the set and I come out with an inexpensive combo.  Generally the style of panties is bikine or some other type than boyshorts, briefs, or highcuts.  This however is fine with me.  They turn into one of the pairs where I cut a small hole in the front for my monkey to peek out.   It's a given that everytime I put on one of these combos my monkey wil misbehave and get a spanking.  Yes, I spank my monkey often while in panties.  He really goes wild when I'm wearing panties and I have to subdue him. 

BobbySoxxy BobbySoxxy
46-50, M
May 2, 2009