Lace And Polka Dot Panties

My wife is still searching for the really pretty panties that she wants to see me in.She has been buying really feminine lace and bright color panties for me to try on, and makes me wear nothing but these pretty panties when we are home.
I am turned on by all this but still getting used to the style of panties that she prefers on me.She even has panties that I am to wear only when we are home for her pleasure, and others that I wear under my clothes.All of them are very soft and lacy, and she wants to see me in more colorful panties, even though she likes the black panties that we have.
I am in utter bliss over all of this, and the sex life is just awesome.I can't wait to have her take me panty shopping again, such a turn on for both of us.
I am certain of only one thing, that I will be wearing only lacy, pretty panties from now on, and that is beyond my choice, which is very cool ;)
SexyRay SexyRay
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

I am glad your wife supports you.