Panties Everynight!

Although my wife is more than happy for me to dress in women's clothes the fact that my children are growing up has curtailed my hobby. Gone are the day when my wife and I bought panties for us both by the bucket load and now I have to find ways to get my fix without the kids finding out.

To this aim I wear panties everynight under my pajamas and it is great! Apart from the feeling of silk and lace, it is also great that my wife sees a succession of both my own girly panties but also her lacey best panties go through the washing process after I have worn them. Last night I found that she had put her best lacy and silky panties in my undies drawer, maybe by accident, and I was straight into them. She will find them the next time she does the washing and she will be in no doubt that I have been enjoying them whilst she slept :-)
SusanMarina SusanMarina
May 4, 2012