I Told My Wife I Like To Wear Panties!

Two weeks ago I told my wife I like to wear panties. To my delight she was very accepting. Last weekend we went shopping for my very own panties. We visited several ladies initmates outlet stores. We both had a wonderful time shopping together and it just adds to our loving relationship that we have one more thing in common with each other, we both love wearing panties. For the last week I have worn nothing but panties, I'm to the point for throwing away my old mens underwear, but I'll have to save some for those special occasions that I must wear mens underwear. Its so great to be back in panties, I've wornn them everywhere, even to work. My next purchase will be a full body briefer and a night gown to sleep in. I could not have met such a wonderful wife. Its a real turn on when she slides those pretty silky painties down your legs! Just though I would share this story.
steveiey steveiey
31-35, M
3 Responses May 20, 2012

my wife supports my panty wearing, i wear them 24/7 and would not change. we have gone shopping and we do matching panties now and then, it is a great to have someone who gets turned on wearing them, she also lets me wear night gowns, she is the greatest

Yes you are lucky.<br />
I find lots of woman are very cool about this.<br />
It would be something in common and she would respect a guy who is comforable in his own skin about wearing such things and not worry about what other guys think.<br />
Lots of woman are sick of 'macho men' who act that way to cover up who they really are, afraid of just being themselves.<br />
You lucky guy.

You are a lucky man to have your wife accept and support you.