Love The Way They Feel

I first started wearing panties when I was 6 or 7. I would look through my mom's panty drawer and pull out one of her silky, full coverage pair and put them on. Even at the young of an age, I knew that it the fabric felt good against my yet undeveloped penis. From that moment I knew that slipping panties on was something that I loved to do. My obsession kept growing as the year went on. By age 10, I moved on from my mom's underwear to my older sister. She had fun pairs of panties and bras with younger and more contemporary cuts that were sexier and felt much better than what my mom had.

Her room was right across from mine and whenever I was left home alone, I would make the short trip from my room to her's. In her room, I would ***** down and be completely nude right in front of her underwear drawer. I would take a deep breath, grab on to the handles, and slowly open the drawer, revealing the two or three dozen pair of panties and bras. By 10 or 11, I was getting full on erections and was ************ quite regularly. The sight of those panties were enough to get the precum to start collecting on the tip of my panties.

I had a favorite pair: a white satin bikini cut with rose patterns. It felt so good against my members. I always grabbed for that pair when I was looking to get off quick. Taking those pair, I slipped them on, leg by leg, slowly sliding them up my legs, until it wrapped around my festivals and **** until the bikini strings wrapped around my narrow hips. Then, I took one of her white bra and put it on the same I have seen my sister did when I peeked at her changing through the crack in the door. As I get the last hook latched on the bra, I look into the mirror and see that I have turned myself into a girl, a preverted little girl. Reaching down with my hand, I would grab my **** through the fabric of the satin panties and start slowly rubbing myself off. With my free left hand, start rubbing my nipples slowly beneath the bra as I shudder a moan. I ease myself on to her bed while I jack myself off more and more vigorously as my moaning intensifies. I'm not gay, but I thought of being ravaged by a big, hung man. Treating me like a girl as he did whatever he wanted to do with me. Climaxing, I came all inside my sister's panties, almost screaming as I imagine a the man in my mind ******* inside me. Quickly, while the *** was still hot, I'd take those panties off and bring it to my face as I jealously lick up every last bit of *** from the satin fabric. From there, I'd return the panties to my sister's drawer and get off on the fact that she was wearing panties that I came in. This lasted for years: every new panties and bra she bought or received, I wore them. If only she knew.

Now at 23, I have a very good collection of lingerie. Many of them are those I stole from my sisters, but much of it consist of lingerie I have personally bought at stores. On top of that, I have moved on to wearing women's clothing, many of them belonging to my sister. My favorite piece now is a white lace up corset I bought from a love boutique. I put a matching white, lace boy short on and white nylons. The. I slip on the corset, hook the eyes in the front, and proceed to tighten the back lace until it is so tight, I could barely breathe. It was so uncomfortable, but I felt so sexy and girly. I then latch the garters attached to the corset to my stockings. Reaching into my panty drawe, I pull out my makeup bag, and start applying foundation, eye shadow, lip stick, and the works. Once I look pretty, I crown my head with a curled brunette wig. I look into the mirror, and I see a horny woman in heat, craving ****. I then give myself what I want: I pull out a pink, 6 inch *****. Talking KY jelly, I rub it up and down the neck of that *****, pretending I'm having foreplay with a real man's ****. Then, I slowly pull down my panties down to my knees as I'm on all fours. I take the ***** in my right hand, then press the head of it against the lip of my boy *****. I slowly ease it in; this is the hardest part and the most painful. I let out a shudder as I get the head in. I ease it in quarter by an inch at a time. Then, the ***** gets in enough where my boy ***** swallows it down with ease all the way down to the base. I let out a huge moan; the cool touch of the ***** feels so good like a head to a cool pillow. I pull the ***** out a bit only to shove it back in as I start the rhythm to **** myself. I gradually pick up speed, imagining that ***** belongs to a huge, handsome man taking advantage of me. Each time it enters me, I moan as I pant. All the time, I rub my **** while a **** myself vigorously. Peaking with pleasure and pain, I let out a scream as I shove the ***** as deep into me as I can while I shoot a hot load on the slick tile floor below me. My knees go week and curl onto my side with the ***** deep inside of me. I edge my head next my load and I start licking up the mess I made. It tastes so hot and sweet. I swallow every last bit and I lie there for a while, still the whole time with a ***** lodge in my boy *****. I eventually take it out, and go to sleep with what I was wearing.

This is my life and I love every bit of it. I hope everyone enjoyed my story!
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

i started out wearing my mums panties 2, wish i had a sister so i could wear her panties, i would try on my niece's & sister in laws when they weren't home & now if i stay at friends homes i love 2 wear the wife's or daughters panties when they are not home, quite a rush 2 sleeping in their panties knowing they are in the same house

Great story look forward to other stories from you. I need to get some sex toys also.