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Today I had on my usual g string type panties and just working like usual. Finaly I took my coffee brake and went to the cafateria to get a coffee. when I sat my tee shirt came out of my jeans and my panties were visable. I was not aware of this ontill a lady sat behind me and kept making sounds to get my atention when I looked at her she smiled. then said your showing when I realized what she ment. I acted shocked and apolijized. she said no problem. I smiled and turned around. later in the day I saw her in the hall and she came over to me and siad she had to ask if I did that to show her what I had on. Again I apolijized and said no I just feel more confortable in them because they are so sexy and did not notice the tee pull out. she then replied that she liked it and was curious how long I have been wearing them I told her I only started wearing them in publick about a year now. She answered that explains why I did not notice. Then proceaded to ask what were my favorite stiles and out of the blue asked if she could see the ones I had on. I acted embarised and tried to decline but after a little chat I opened my jeans and let her see. at that point she handed me a bag which later I found a used piar of I asume were her panties which I ducked in to the mens room and put them on. when I saw her at the end of the day I made shure she saw them on me. and said lets trade to my surprise she said she had more fore tomorrow I can't wait.

love to trade with you too

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I accidentally exposed my panties to a friend (and co-worker) when I bent over to pick up something. She said you have fancier drawers than I do. I acted embarrassed, but really wasn't and we became even better friends even though nothing else was ever mentioned about the episode.

The way panties should be, enjoyed and shared

you can you just have to wear them more often and some time it will happin<br />
good luck<br />

Great story! If I knew I could have such a reaction I would wear it more often.

i have had happen to me too

Wow! Wish that were me!

My experiences with women noticing that I am wearing panties have been very similar. Most of them get a thrill out of knowing and they bring the topic up quite often after the first time they find out I wear panties. I have never had any want to trade, but a couple bring me panties as presents.