The Joy of Wearing Stockings

from the first time i put on a nylonstocking i have just loved to be able to wear them.i am a crossdresser and you cant imagine how i feel every time i put on my stockings or my panty hose.the feel that they give my legs is the most delicious feeling in the world.i shave my legs and i just enjoy the feel of the nylon as it goes up my legs.i think so many women are missing out in not wearing stockings as women in the past always did. phylisanne

phylisanne phylisanne
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6 Responses May 15, 2008

The feeling of sliding nylons ower shaved leggs is so fantastic it is very had to describe. And wearing them all day. It is like wearing a bra. I love to wear a bra.

I shave my arms, legs and underarms every day, and I have never had ingrowns. I use good old bar of soap and the Gillette triple blade razor. When I first started shaving the areas that were stubborn I dry shaved them and then I was able to keep the hair off. Once a month I Nair my legs and arms to make sure it all stays away.<br />
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Your legs do get used to being shaved, and I do not have a technique that I use. I just shave and hope and usually it is all gone. I am fortunate that I am not a hairy person.<br />
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And after I moisturize my legs nylons just feel great.

I have a favorite bar I attend on a regular basis. I have a lot of fun going in dressed and after both shows are over at the end of the night we usually see a number of Tranny Chasers. They like to stop in to get a look at the queens. Sometimes they want to pick up a queen for some fun. If I make eye contact they will come to the bar and introduce themselves. This usually leeds to a brush of the hand on my hose covered leg and after that they buy me a drink and depending on what they look like and how nice they are things tend to get interesting.

I am a Crossdresser/Drag Queen and a lot of my friends just wear 3 to 5 pairs of hose cover their legs. I shave my legs becuase when someone touches my leg or my thighs swish together the feeling is unbelievable. I've also been wearing hose as log as I can remember.

I also am a stocking and tights wearer, I sometimes go further and wear a suspender belt and heels. This is part of my life and I am used to it now. I have a selection of stockings and tights, fishnet, sheer, seamed and all types of colours.

I shave every other day, which helps prevent ingrowns. I also use Skintimate shave gel and a venus razor. Guys have a tendancy to grab. Their face shaving equipment and go at it; which causes issues. <br />
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Also, your legs will get used to being shaved, but the technique you use helps. Leg hair doesn't all point in the same directio. The hardest part is the back of your thighs - try shaving that downwards. Good luck!