The Betrayal

I hope this appropriate for this site. I thought by stories you were looking for nylon related fiction. So my apologies if this isn't what you are looking for. I will supply you with stories of my own stockings related incidents as I do wear stockings every day. I do mean EVERY day.

This story was written by my lover Adam. I hope you enjoy:

 I never liked Rachel and she never liked me. From the moment we met there was always an air of tension whenever we got together which was as infrequently as I could help it. She was, still is I suppose, my lover's best friend. Or, I should say, ex-lover?


     Mandi and I were getting along fantastically well until Rachel showed up. Mandi and Rachel met on a music based internet forum which, as it happens, is the reason Mandi and I first hooked up. We liked the same type of music and when a band we both liked came to town we thought it would be a good idea to go together. It was lust at first sight. So much so we didn't even stay till the end of the concert as by that time we were in Mandi's bed having the wildest sex.


     That was about 14 months ago and things were going well up until two months ago when Mandi got chatting to Rachel on our favoured music forum. Rachel liked our kind of music and Mandi seemed to be spending a lot more time chatting with her than she normally did with me. I didn't think much of it at the start as I was busy at work and I thought it was good for Mandi to have a female friend to chat with about the things we liked. She had no shortage of friends but Rachel was different, she really engaged with Mandi on a level that a woman never had before. Or so Mandi told me anyway. This is when I started to think something was up.


     The first night I met Rachel at Mandi's flat I felt uncomfortable. I knew right away that she didn't want me there. She was attractive enough, very sexy actually. Unlike Mandi she was a bigger girl, about a dress size 14-16. Nice and chunky, I liked that. She was about 5'6" in height which was a good half foot taller than petite Mandi and she could look me in the eye in her stockings soles, look down on me in her heels. She had long, straight, blonde hair and a rounded face which was pretty enough. I was attracted to her physically especially as she was dressed in a short skirt with black opaque tights and she wasn't shy in giving the odd flash of nylon clad thigh either! But she didn't want me there, I knew that. She felt threatened by my presence as she wanted to be Mandi's friend. Whenever Mandi left the room there was a cold eerie silence. If ever I did address Rachel the response was terse and clipped. Whenever Mandi tried to include me in a conversation, Rachel always interrupted to steer the conversation away from me. After a few hours I left them together and I could tell Rachel was delighted that I was leaving. It was the only time she addressed me by name:


     "Nice to have met you Adam, I hope we can meet again soon", she said sarcastically; sarcasm that wasn't picked up by Mandi. Or so I thought.


     After that night Mandi spent more time with Rachel and less time with me. Mandi didn't even ask me to join them at concert events. I was busy at work anyway. I didn't feel threatened by it at first as Mandi and I still enjoyed our time together and the sex was still incredible. But more and more our time was interrupted by phone calls from Rachel. She knew we were together and I knew what she was up to. But it didn't stop Mandi disappearing out the room for half an hour to talk cabbages and kings with this increasingly annoying friend of hers. I tried talking to Mandi about how I felt but she didn't want to know.


     "There's nothing to worry about, Adam. I love you, Rachel is only a friend". The sincerity in her voice was not convincing.


     One night I stopped by at Mandi's as she told me she was alone. When I got to her flat I was surprised to find Rachel there too. Mandi looked incredible in a short black dress which clinged to her slender frame beautifully and, as always, black nylons. They were holdups for sure, Mandi always wore holdups. She was made up as if to go out which confused me as I thought we were spending a quiet night in together. Rachel looked sexy too in a black chiffon blouse that clearly displayed her black corset underneath. Her bosom was heaving out the corset. I'd never thought about it before but I'd have said her breasts were 38DD at least. She had a black straight pencil skirt on and sheer black nylons perfectly set off by black velvet high heels.


     "What's going on", I said. "I thought we were having a night in together, Mandi".


     "I’m fed up with quiet nights in, Adam”, Mandi said coldly. “There’s no fun in my life anymore, you’re no fun anymore. I just wanted you to come round tonight so I can tell you to your face. You’re dumped”.


     I was in shock. My head was awash with a thousand different and conflicting emotions. There was absolutely no prior indication that Mandi was ever bored with our existence as a couple. This was totally out of the blue. Or was it? This whole situation had been brought about because of Mandi spending more time with that ***** Rachel. At that point those thousand emotions combined to form a ball of pent-up rage.


     “It’s because of her, isn’t it? She’s been poisoning you against me”, I eventually spat out once I’d composed myself after the initial shock of Mandi’s statement.


     “Just go Adam, neither of us want you here”, Rachel retorted.


     “You **** off”, I shouted in Rachel’s face. “This is between me and Mandi”.


     Rachel shoved me hard to get me out her face. I took a couple of steps back before tripping over something behind me and fell hard on my back. Before I could make to get back up Rachel was on me. She quickly walked over me and crouched down, her big *** firmly planted on my chest which took the wind right out me. Her skirt had ridden up round her waist revealing her black lacey stocking tops and black lacey shorts. Rachel pushed my arms to the floor and pinned them down using her nylon clad legs. I tried to buck her off but she was sitting too high on my chest, her crotch was pressed hard against my chin forcing my head back. Her legs closed tightly against my reddening cheeks forcing me to look up at her. Again I tied to buck her off but I could get no leverage in my upper body. I then tried to force her forward off me by arching my back and pushing up with my legs. I got her some way off me but it only resulted in her lace covered crotch hovering above my face.


     “Mandi, sit on his knees, will you”, Rachel said. She seemed to be laughing as if she was enjoying my feeble efforts at attempting to buck her off me.


     I then felt my lower body being forced to the floor again with Mandi sitting astride my legs. I was trapped; totally and utterly 100% pinned to the floor with no means of escape. Rachel reassumed her position of being sat on my chest, her thighs pressed tight against my face forcing me to look up at her. She leaned forward slightly so she could laugh down at me over her ample bosom. To complete the humiliation she tweaked my nose so hard it brought tears to my eyes which caused Rachel to laugh hysterically. Eventually she composed herself enough to speak down at me.


     “Whilst you’ve been so busy at work, Adam, I’ve taken over your role as Mandi’s confidant. She tells me everything. About how bored she is with the sex you give her”.


     I tried to speak to tell her that was rubbish but Rachel wasn’t listening. She covered my mouth with her hand and recommenced her character assassination of me.


     “She told me how boring you are and how she longed for a proper lover. Someone who can give her more than the pencil **** you stick in her without a thought for her needs and wants. Well I have found her someone who can be that man for her. He will take us both tonight and that’s where we were going before you showed up. Why couldn’t you have at least made some attempt to be a man and walk away with dignity instead of squealing like a baby? Man? Ha! Look at you now! You’re being sat on by a girl and you can’t move. You’re pathetic!”


     I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t move. I felt totally humiliated. Not only had my girlfriend dumped me, she had been complicit in Rachel’s demolition job on my manhood. Rachel’s weight was now starting to take its toll as my chest ached making it more difficult for me to breathe. One last attempt at bucking Rachel off was completely futile, she didn’t even notice. Or, if she did, it didn’t register with her. She just maintained that position of domination over me. She was no longer looking down at me but she let me know she was still toying with me by occasionally squeezing her knees together pressing the flesh of her thighs above the lace of her stocking top right into the sides of my face. I heard voices above me but because Rachel’s legs were pressed so tightly against my ears I couldn’t make out everything being said. Eventually Rachel loosened her vice-like grip and I could make her out speaking back to Mandi.


     “We’d better make a move. I said we’d be over by 10. Have you got your mobile phone handy so I can let him know we’re on our way?”


     Rachel dialled into Mandi’s phone and was soon speaking to their prospective lover. Rachel’s voice was so different from the one she used to humiliate me what must have been 20 minutes ago? Is that how long I’d been lying here on the floor with two girls sat on me? 20 minutes? I wasn’t sure; I’d lost all track of time. I was being forced to listen to Rachel talk about how she and Mandi were looking forward to being taken by him and how Mandi especially was really looking forward to having a real man inside her for a change. At one point she came over all excited as, I assume the guy she was speaking to told her what to expect. She bounced up and down on my chest causing me to let out a gasp. Rachel quickly ended her conversation and snapped the phone shut. She tweaked my nose again, harder than last time. Once more tears streamed from my eyes.


     “You pathetic little worm”, Rachel hissed. “Do your friends know how pathetic you are? I bet they don’t. Mandi, do you have his friends’ E-Mail addresses?”


     “Yes, I do actually, and all his family’s”, Mandi replied.


     “Oh good, I’ve got something to show them then”, Rachel said to Mandi whilst looking directly at me. Rachel pointed the mobile phone down at me and I heard the click to indicate a picture was being taken.


     As quickly as she was on me she stood up, holding her position for a minute over me as she fixed her pencil skirt back into position. Mandi got up to finally releasing me from my ordeal.


     “Get him out of here”, Rachel said to Mandi and with that I was pushed out the living room into the hallway.


     “I don’t want to hear it Adam”, Mandi said to me once we were alone in the hall together before I got a chance to say anything. “Just go, I don’t want to see you again. We’re finished”.


     The front door slammed behind me as I walked dazed and confused towards my car. The drive home was fraught with feelings of anguish. The overriding emotion was humiliation though as I recounted the events which had just taken place.


     I got home to find an E-Mail from Rachel waiting for me. There was an attachment linked with the mail too. My heart sank. I opened it up to find the picture Rachel had taken when she was sat on my chest. My red, tear-filled eyes were nicely offset by the black lace which could be made out at the side of my head. The mail had been addressed to all my friends and all my family. The mail read:


     “Dear All,


     Please find attached a picture I took of Adam 15 minutes ago after I forced him to the floor and sat on his chest. He tried to escape but I was too strong for him. His pathetic attempts to buck me off were easily resisted by me. What a pathetic wimp of a man to let a feeble girl do this to him. From now on, I hope you all treat him with the disdain he deserves.


     Yours faithfully,




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That will come back to you one day. Karma's a *****. Remember that.

good to know that You took Adam in.

Hot story. Thanks for sharing......