A Good Experience And It Fells So Good

I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years all I was playing alone with my soldier toys and i got this experience i saw my aunt getting ready to work she was tatally naked she was'tn awere that i was there she was so beauty and she start putting every piece of clothing one by one she looked so sexy and I noticed that i had and erection it feels so good . over the year I start wearing pantyhose and feel the desire for dress as a woman I mean the whole nine yards only a few people know about this my moms and a few gay friend the truth is i don't even know who i am anymore I love woman but at the same time I feel a desire for been with a man and treat me as a woman i don't have the balls to go public and that sucks i also enjoy to see to woman licking eachother in full clothing wearing pantyhose it got me exited i go to the woman clothing departament and lie and say the clothes are for my wife and I aked for help saying that she got pretty much the same type of body so I don't buy lose clothimg I love miniskits I have about 100 diferent types of when I am alone I enjoyed to wear ti fell so good to be in womans clothing so sexy i love womans fragance I love everything about woman I don't know why some times i feel like a man and sometimes I feel like a woman i love looked at the mirror and see a girl in me can someone help me find out who really I am I was married for 14 yaers I have to doughters I don't want them to find out about this and also i enjoy made love to woman as well but I really love to be in womans clothing got me very exiting I just can't tell my family about this i been a model for them tha's why is very complicated that sucks and that got me very sad sometimes i wear tight jeans am abot 150 pounds 5'6 light sking not a bad looking as a man but when i dress as a woman got me more exited i don't really know what the f----uck is going on can I get and advice please I will apreciated youre comments and sorry about my writing and spelling sometimes I feel like going some place that no one knows me and start a new life as a woman because that's what I feel like and it feels god to drive guys crazy I may wrong please reply I love to hear from you guys thanks again i feel better now
sally2402 sally2402
41-45, M
Dec 3, 2012