Not Afraid Any More

last weekend I when to a party and I was dressing very sexy i was very confident with myself I think I looked pretty good with tan pantyhose beige miniskirt and beige high heels a white sexy blouse and a nice dark brown tint in my long hair I got the whole nine yards feeling pretty good and then all of the satin this handsome guy come to me and say hi and I said hi he ask me for my name and I said Hi am sally and youre name is he reply ho my name is Ron so we have a long conversation and he ask me out I said okay so we when inside hes car and drove for a while and he ask me if he can kiss me I did not know what to say I was in shock this is the firstime a guy ask me that . I never been with a guy before only in my fantasies and he knew who I was in the very first minute no kidding so I was afraid and finally I say yes so he kissed me with such a passioned that he make me wet my pantyhose so I was so f-----king horny than I did'nt have no choice to fall in his game hi touches me like I was a realy woman so passioned and he was very f-----king horny to so we played for i little bit and he said please suck my d---ck I was so horny that I just can't stop doing in this was my firstime and I said to myself **** it there's always a firstime so I keeping enjoyed my firdt blow job and he say this is youre firstime and i said yes how did you know and he say I can tell your just starting to doing this and let me tell you your not the bad and he kissed me again ans ask me the bent over so he when iside of me slowly my *** was very wet and this is going to be my firstime and I said please don't hurt me you are the first guy to going to rip my butt away he say no kidding I can tell so he just keep going and going like the f----cking rabbit of duracell batteries he make love to me I was very pleased and he was to after that we when to his appartament clean myself up and feelling free after all I was afraid to be in public not anymore I am going to live my life the way i always wanted and f=ck the rest of the world if they don't want me the way I am but I promised to you my friends that I'll be very care full know that I have the balls to go public nothing is going to stop me for enjoying my f-ck life remember this is america the land of fredom and I wish I can be a trully woman I hope you like my story god bless you all kisses from sally guzman
sally2402 sally2402
41-45, M
Dec 11, 2012