Bf Shaved And Wearing Pantyhose

Ok, so I finally convinced my BF to let me shave his pube - all of it. He is now totally bare all around. It wasn't easy. He always has (had) a lot of hair. I am already bare down there, so we now match.
I THEN made him dress up in pantyhose along with me. We stroked each other a long time and he got so horny - so did I. I had him dry hump me through the PH and then I cut holes in both pair (Ok, so now I have to buy new PH - but I needed some new ones anyway) and we made love together that way. I will wash both pair and keep them for times like this.
He admitted it felt really good and he said he would wear them again - only for me. He is not going to wear them all the tiem - he sayd. I might convince him otherwise.
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That's really sexy. My wife and i both love to be completely shaved even my legs and we both wear pantyhose. It was my fetish but she completely embarrassed it and took it to a NEW level. I would never had imagined a woman could have had such acceptance and inhibition with me and her wearing pantyhose. She asks me to wear them all the time even to sleep in them, which i totally ablighdge

my wife love do that too

Wow, what a great story! Thanks for sharing it! ;)

You are such a babe! I love what you do, say and think you made a wonderful decision to become the beautiful Woman that you are. You have one lucky fellow there too.

TY I know I am and do on all counts. lol I wish everyone had it so good.

you are both lucky and congrats on the engagement . and as someone who has only shaved my leggs twice in my life i can tell you it sends shivers up and down my spine when i slip on a pair of pantyhose and put on a skirt over freshly shaved leggs. and to go outside and feel the wind on my leggs , wow so nice. congratulations and good luck <br />
xoxo honey

And I've been reading the web comic "Simply Sarah", drawn written and colored by one of my friends on here Skyangel. It's all about a girl who discovers she's a lesbian and all that happens to her during her life. You should all read it. You can find it here:

I could see how things could be very busy for you. Just remember to take a little time to smell the roses or in this case do the other things on ep that you want to do.

I'll have to read that story. TY I get so busy in here just answering my mail and whiteboard and posts to my pics and stuff I forget to read sometimes. I need a whole day every day just to catch up in here. PHEW Luv'n it *.*

You may start a trend. If you look at my stories I have a pantyhose sex story. In my case only my gf was wearing them, but it was still plenty of fun.

lol All the girls at our weekly couples group have commented on how much they like my fiancee's clean shaven pube. Now they all want to suck on him even more than usual. Some of the other men are starting to shave their's too. But tonight we girls are going to shave the men's legs and make them wear pantyhose all night during sex. ROFLMAO I can't wait!!! God, I'm giggling soooooo hard I just peed. lol Luv'n it *.*

That sounds like a fun time. So what if you have to buy a new pair or two.

Fullcircle: Get your wife nude together with oyu. Have her close her eyes and rub her hands all over her nude and smooth legs. ASk her how that feels to her. Then have her run her hands over your hairy legs. ASk her, "Don't your legs feel so much nicer than mine?" Hopefully she says yes and then maybe you can convince her you need to shave your legs too. Tell me if it works for you.

You have something special in each other: hang onto it. Making love in pantyhose is gorgeous: very sensuous. I wish I could shave: my wife accepts and even now likes wearing ph together, and in the cooler seasons I do, a lot. But I'm still her man and she likes me hairy. If she's let me shave my legs at least, I could wear skirts in the summer. How might I persuade her?

Jessica, one day you will have. Girls like us are out there. We're not always easy to find, but we are there. Keep looking. My BF says he had gotten out of a bad relationship when he met me. He saw me for weeks before he talked to me just because he did not want to get into another bad relationship. He finally said there was something about me that kept tugging at him and he had to introduce himself. God, I kept seeing him looking at me and wondering, "Ok, is this guy going to talk to me or do I have to take out a restraining order on him?" Not that I would have. I kept thinking I should talk to him first, but this was my first chance after my Big Op and I wanted to see what it felt like as a girl to have the guy introduce himself to me first. It made my heart leap out of my chest. Ok, through my boob.

Sounds very sexy would love to try ......

You both are lucky. I sure wish I had an uderstanding woman like you, who encourages the dressing. <br />
<br />
I love to keep my whole body smooth shaven from the eyebrows down, it's a wonderful feeling.<br />
<br />
Hugs and kisses, Jessica

I keep reading peep's comments about my BF being one lucky guy, but I say I am the lucky one to have him.