I Love Wearing Pantys

I so enjoy wearing pantys. I wear pantys 24/7 and have been wearing pantys  for many years now.  I love to wear my pantys with a bra.  These  are the most feminine underware and they make me feel so good.

There are so many choices of pantys to wear.  Some days it is so hard to choose what to put on to wear.

I love to shop for pantys too.  Just a couple of weeks ago I was in the JC Penney store and looking for clearance panties.  I had a postcard with ten dollars in their rewards dollars and I wanted to buy a couple of pantys.  Well I did.  It was fun talking to an older female sales associate about the clearance pantys and shapewea.  She didn't care that they were for me but I had so much fun.
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Just say there for your girl friend

Just say there for your girl friend

I would love to see u in those Patys if u want. Lol