Love To Wear Panties

I wear panties everday. I have for many  years. It started when I was about ten and spent the summer woth my cousins. I shared a room with my cousin Sally.  We are the same age. We are very close to this day. We were getting ready for bed we i told her i like the pink panties she was wearing. they were nylon with a stin bow. She said I should try the on and she got a pair out of her draw for me, I put them on and they felt great. She said that she thought so to and told me I should keep the on under my pj's . that was the first night I selpt in panties. I wore the the whole next day and shared panties with my cousin for the next two weeks. She gave me two pairs to take home with me that pink pair and a yellow pair.

Today I really like satin for everday and lace for week-ends.

alamojoe alamojoe
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

You had a really good cousin.<br />
I had a really good Auntie that helped to get me into knickers at age 10.<br />
I have been wearing SILK FRENCH KNICKERS every day since I was 25, for almost 30 years I have worn SILKY PANTIES of some kind.<br />
I love the feeling

What a nice cousin you had. So nice of her to give you some to take home with you. Did you ever speak of it again?