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Peeing Your Pants Once, Nice, Peeing Them Again After They Dry From the First Time, Priceless!

OK, so yes I have done this.  On many occasions.  You know you are a die hard **** pants person if you are willing to wear your pee soaked pants until the dry.  NICE!  I don't do this often in the winter, but in the summer it feels good.  One of my favorite ways to do this is to pee in my jeans before I go to bed.  I am not into bed wetting because of the mess on the mattress and I can not stand plastic stuff on my bed.   So I will put an old pair of sheets on the bed, then lay towels over them.  I will then crawl in bed and sleep all night in my **** soaked jeans.  I awake in the morning to the aroma of pee in the air and my dry, sometimes still a little damp, jeans.  NICE!  The best thing is waking up having to pee really bad and just letting it flow in those same jeans.  What a feeling!

I started doing this many years ago.  I used to stay over at a friends house a lot.  We were great friends and I we would stay up late drinking and so forth. His sofa was like a second home for me.  Well, I had a little habit he did not know about. His sofa was leather.  I would pee in my pants, not flood, but get good and wet, crawl up on the couch and go to sleep.  I would wake the next morning all dry and he had no idea.  He still does not.  I mean I would do this 1 or 2 times a week.  PIP  He had no idea that when he went to bed, I was in his living room filling the crotch of my jeans with pee and then sleeping on his sofa with my pee soaked pants on.  There were a few times I had to sneak out of the house because my pants did not dry completely and it was obvious what I had done or the smell was so strong he would know.  One time I knew I had to sneak out because my pants were still showing the wetness and were smelling strong of pee.  I was getting my stuff together to leave and had to pee again real bad. I figured what the hell, I am already wet, fixing to leave, and he was still asleep.  Well, I did. I soaked my jeans again.  I am talking SOAKED!  I then walked out the door to only be greeted by 3 other neighbors in his condo complex leaving to go to work and there I stood with my **** soaked jeans on sneaking out.  LOL  I don't think they ever said anything to him.  If they did, he never mentioned it, but who knows. 

I would recommend that if you do wear them long enough to completely dry, have some fun with them before you soak them again.  Wear them out in public.  Wear them to work.  Wear them somewhere.  I know I have.  You can smell that strong smell of pee and you know you peed those pants just hours before, and now they are dry and you are about to soak them again.  NICE!  Try it sometime.  Stay wet people!!


wetjeanstn wetjeanstn 31-35, M 32 Responses Feb 3, 2009

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Its a lovely thing to do i like u

One of my most favourite stories on here - Now that story really got me off - I pissed my jeans first of course and then I ...Well, I just pissed myself and now I am doing to all over again - Yeah ! Stay wet in your jeans and keep on doing it, I say!!!

I love to pee myself and let them dry a little amf then go to the park at night and pee them again


Guys....<br />
I am looking for GAY FRIENDS who like this SMELL & who get *hot* on watching other GAY MEN wearing *yellowish* underpants. I am GAY as well and I am with my LOVER since more than 3 years now - but HE never REALLY had the urge to make me SNIFF & CHEW his (only sometimes) smelly and sweaty pissed undies.<br />
He is a muslim - and that makes it even more *hard* for HIM to accept his own desire on this kind of SMELL.<br />
HE loves the smell of my unwashed and always unparfumed armpits - but HE still is (a little?) concerned to suck and lick my ****, when I am wearing my pissed undies....<br />
I will never leave HIM - since we are meant for each other - but a friend or two into this wonderful aroma of pissed undies or jeans would help....

i just peed my pants today and it feelt so good i think im going to do it again

How common is it within the gay community to wear ****-soaked pants?

I never wash my pants, or bedding, after one peeing sesssion. Just keep wearing them and peeing in them until the smell becoms too obvious, evn in the open air1

i just read this and peed myself after reading it feels good im going 2 do that in a pair of jeans b4 i go 2 bed 2night :D

Ok me and a girl drink much water and we way to go the village to carry somthin in the evening in a big bus.we way that d back me and her only so on d way.i full pee worried us and no stoping so i let go drop by drop into pant,she ask what r u doing i toll her and she did the same drops into her pant wen i saw it so i tikle her and she pee full everthin till it sock her jean and d sit and she look at me and tikle me also and i pee completly wet . So after so time still on d way pee come again and we pee like 4 turn time befor we get here since it was nite no body notics and wen returning we peed agian and we came and change the cloth not the pants. So we sleep with wet pant becos wanted feel sleeping with wet pants on.

I used to pee my pants too.OK i drink more water and all the pee for that day will go on my pant.but do this wen u re alone. Can someone tell i want to talk to girl to pee her pants but i dont how to do that pls tell me...

i love your story i am a gril and my friend are grils we were walking home and we had to pee bad so we ran into some flats 3 of my friends pulled there pants down and peeded all over the steps of the flats and me and my friend were looking out for people comming to pee any way we could not hold so we just peeded and peeded for aleast 5 mins it felt so good we do it all the time it feels amzing we should pee outside our pants.

Great story, I get to do this once in a while too. Now that I live alone I **** my shorts or pants daily. I can go on the balcony and do it. I was doing laundry the other day and I had to **** badly so I walked into the grass of the courtyard and flooded my shorts completely. I went back to my washing with a big grin on my face. You remain one of my **** heroes. I am now bold enough to **** almost anywhere it is fun.

im a girl so when i read this i peed my pants any guys wanna hook up send their number

Sittin here in pair a wet 501's right now. Lovin it, boys.

WOW!! That rocked 501XX. NICE!! That story had me all hard and wet. NICE!! Damn, glad you had some wet fun and I am glad I made you soak those jeans of yours. HOT man!!! <br />

I've always be fascinated about ******* my jeans when it should be inconvienent to do so. I'm just getting up now, went to bed wearing my levis, as I do often, but should be preparing to get to work, but being new at this site, this is the 1st time that I came across this story. I can personally relate to this story, and the comments of this story is making guys **** their jeans. I'm no different. I'm laying on my bed, with my laptop anchored above my crotch, I need to **** my jeans just like you guys, it's my morning ****, ***, **** is now flowing into my tight levis. It feels sooo good, sooo right. My levis are soaked, rivet to rivet, pockets to pockets, not to mention my sheets. Sebastian, you made me **** my jeans. I know that you like that. Now I need to make love to my soaked jeans, and be late to work.

Don't forget the beauty of staining! It adds a nice touch to the wonderful fragrance, IMHO.

soaksem, wow i'd love to do that and wish i had a gf like yours! I'm also wondering, how come the people on this thread are all guys, is it true that there are not many girls into this particular aspect of wetting (i.e. wear-it-until-it-dries etc.)? I hope not...

I love reading these stories and can put myself in these places and gets me excited as i've said before i cant wet my pants as much as i would like cause my daughter lives with me and would'nt want her to know i doubt she would understand when my wife was alive i tried to get her into it but she said i was sick and wouldnt even think of it. i love almost anything to do with pee

This story is great! I've got a pair of jeans which I peed for many times and let it dry on me or in the sun. Every time I **** those jeans again, the fantastic smell of pee makes me horny! I wore these jeans in public too, in the movie hall and during shopping. The smell of **** is so intense; many people must have noticed it but nobody said anything... Stay wet!

U r a lucky guy mate I wish I had a g f like that! Would love to smell it after u had a wet weekend! I totaly agree wiv what u said bout true wetters, underwear should always b smelly!!

I love to do this as often as possible. To **** myself once then shower and change would be a waste. <br />
In my opinion truly adicted pants ******* would just keep them on, let them dry, or more likely get damp, until a less enlightened person would look for a bathroom, then empty a bladderful of **** into them again.<br />
I am lucky to be blessed with a gf who believes that knickers are meant to be pissed in as often as possible (whatever is being worn over them), so we often have wet days out, or have wet weekends where we **** ourselves friday night, maybe around town while out for a drink, sleep in our pissy clothes, then wear them saturday, and even sunday. The smell gets so good that even if wet stains are not visible, everyone within 10 metres knows you **** your pants. That is an awesome feeling.

I've done that. Sometimes I'll wear my undies for 2 days just so they smell good for when I get in bed & have fun.

That must smelled real good! At least I arn't the only one to keep the same one's on! Do u ever wear the same underwear for longer till they smell good?

The longest I have ever worn my jeans for was about 2 days. I peed in them, then let them dry on my body. I then would let soak them again. It was during a really hot time of summer with temps up near 100 so it felt so good, cooled me off, dried quickly, and the smell was twice as strong. ;)

love ur story, i wear the same underwear and jeans and keep doing little amounts of pee in them sometimes for few days they smell so good! then they normally get a good soaking before i wash them! whats the longest u have worn ur's for?

Loved your story! I too pissed my pants while reading it. But then for this pants-******, it doesn't take much to do that. Still, it was a great story. I have many jeans that I've pissed and have never washed. And sometimes I do wear them after ******* in them until they're dry.

Hello there peemypants. I am glad you got all wet while reading this. I know I was soaking when I finished writing it. Thanks and stay wet!

i loved your story it made me want to pee my i did.