Pencil Skirts

I absolutely love wearing pencil skirts, so comfortable around your waist and legs unlike trousers and the material feel so nice.  Everyone should wear them.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I do agree with you as to the comfort of skirts, but I prefer the looser A-line skirts. They are less restrictive then pencil skirts. The only bad thing (not really) is they have a tendency to blow upwards on windy days. It all depends I guess on the individual tastes. My girl likes them as well, she said it is so much easier to reach the glory land.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Totally agree with you, Skirtsilike.

Wow! You are a woman who knows, or hasn't forgotten, how to be a woman! <br />
As a guy, I do love tight slacks or jeans on the female torso, don't get me wrong, but a skirt on a woman is so feminine and classy... no matter how short or long. I especially love the ones with the slit up the front that allows her to flash a little leg... may be even the hint of a garter strap?<br />
Wish there were more women these days who felt the way you do and I thank you for that. <br />
What a Woman!