Wearing Plastic Pants On Their Own

I've been wearing really soft, see-through plastic bikini briefs for several years now. I was never into the baby or diaper thing, it was more just about the feeling of the plastic (or vinyl, or rubber) against my skin. Now I wear them at least once a day, sometimes for really long periods of time until they get really wet and slippery! I'd love to meet and chat with more people out there that feel the same way.

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6 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I used to wear latex and it was fun. My **** looked pretty sexy in it and the feeling was nice, but it was expensive and didn't last long. Plastic is much more durable for the price. Since I wear them soooooo tight and hike 'em up good and hard, I don't have to worry if they bust apart (which they usually don't for quite a few sessions). My erection can feel every little touch through it, so I can really give it a good tickling. Some plastics can stand up to oils, etc. now too. So I say sexing it up in plastic is the way to go for now.

Wife and I tried latex, didn't do the trick for us. Luckily we both enjoy the feel of plastic, but whatever trips your trigger. ENJOY.

I think tight plastic looks amazing too. It's just the sexiest thing to wear.

Agree with you, nothing better than that feeling of plastic.

I'm the same way. I don't like diapers and messing in them, etc. Just a really tight pair of see thru's is good for me. Fetware has some that stand up to oils and lubes, etc. I like a little baby oil to get things slippery and ready.

I love them too