My First Buying Pull-ups

Well My Mom I Already Told Her About My Abdl Part Of Me She Accepted Me N I Am Now Wearing My Pull-ups Training Pants 4T-5T For Girls I Temporarily Live With My Real Mom Yeah So I Been Abdl For As Long As I Can Remember But Now 11/30/2012 I Walked In Family Dollar Didnt Know How Much They Were Or Where To Find The Diaper Aisle So I Walked Around It For Awhile Til I Noticed After Circling The Store For Awhile Tht They Were By the Wall And I Went Looked And Chose Myne Since I Been Reading As Well As Given My Full Support For All Us Abdl's Went To Check Out After Getting Biggest Size There 4t-5t Girls Pull-Ups Training Pants There So Comfertable Im 24 But Have Had Urges Since Honestly Prob 9Years Old My Adopted Family Had Neices And They Were In The Pull-Ups I Stole Anytime I Could Luckily I Never Did Get Caught Stealing There Pull-ups They Had I Believe Princess On them Cept Wen I Was Stupid And I Jacked One Out A Pckage From Big Lots In An Area And Brother (adopted) came In To Find Me I Got In Trouble Yeah And Tho I Still Was Able To Jack The Ones At The House That Took More Skill Cause They Started Watching But Im A Happy Adult Wearin My Purchased Pull-Ups
Wickedangel24 Wickedangel24
26-30, F
Dec 14, 2012