Oops....my Nipple Popped Out

My girlfriend has nice 36d breasts. One day she texted me at work and said don't be late coming home from work, I've got a prize for you. Ok I'm thinking whats she up to now?? 2 hrs later I'm home and she greets me at the door with nothing on but a Yellow bra (my favorite color) with the bra cut out with a 2 inch circle for you to see the nipple. On top of that she had on matching crotchless panties. Dinner was take-out pizza that nite. Woman sometimes can be very naughty at times.
What you girls think??
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Sounds like a keeper!

Sorry. she is now the Ex wife.

That sucks a big one! Sorry to hear that.

so did you get an extra topping that day?

She had more on her mind than pizza. Thanks, #1