A Lady Gets Excited By My Rubber Boots

[I posted this story in another rubber boot group but have copied it here, as it also is appropriate for this group.]

On seaside vacations my wife and I take our own beach chairs with us to sit on the beach and soak up the sun. As we walk down to the beach I wear thin, unlined, calf-height, yellow (or sometimes orange) latex "hazmat" boots on my bare feet, and after spreading a towel on the sand to put my feet on, I remove my rubber boots. My excuse for doing this is that I’m fastidious and I dislike getting sand all over my bare feet, which is quite true—but the underlying motive is that I simply love wearing rubber boots and I seize every opportunity to do so. Naturally, a guy on the beach wearing nothing but a Speedo and bright yellow rubber boots attracts plenty of stares as well as occasional giggles, but at my age that no longer bothers me. [-latex rubber boots like those I wear on the beach are shown in my photos]

Women on the beach occasionally have complimented my boots and have asked where they could find some like them. That kind of positive reaction to my rubber boots pleases me immensely, and an experience yesterday exceeded all preceding encounters. As I was readying my beach chair and towel, still wearing my rubber boots, a group of three women approached and I heard one say to the others, "I have to find out what the story is here." They came up to me and the gregarious one said, "Hi, we were just wondering what your boots are for." I replied, "I just like to wade in them for shelling, rather than going barefooted." "Oh, for protection, like galoshes!" said another. "Where do you get them?" I told them that most safety supply companies sold these types of boots. Gesticulating at her knees, the first woman said, "I have some—you know—knee-high rubber boots, but I’ve never seen any like yours. They look really thin—would you let me feel them?" Masking my astonishment, I said, "Sure, they're just thin, unlined latex . . ." but she was already leaning over and feeling the rubber uppers—“Oh, these really are thin—are the bottoms thin, too?" I raised my toes and she gave them a few squeezes through the thin rubber. "Oh, yes!" she exclaimed to her friends, "they’re thin on the bottom, too! Those are really, really nice!" The other women smiled and nodded affirmatively. With a chorus of thanks, they continued on their way down the beach. Watching them go, I wondered if the woman who wanted to feel the rubber may have had something more than a casual interest in rubber boots. My wife, who had sat wordlessly throughout the entire exchange, said, "Well, they made your week, didn't they?" Indeed.
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The only thing better than making love wearing rubber boots is making love in rubber boots AND rubber gloves!

i get so turned on by wellies but its so much better when i see females wearing wellies, my greatest secret wish is to make love to a female both of us wearing wellies of course