Changing To Woman

this is a fiction is during 2nd those days there are thick forests and there is less habitation.there are many kingdoms. in that there is one kingdom named magadha.after doing many poojas king. and queen blessed with baby boy.there is other kingdom where there are only ladies which is located far from this kingdom.the story starts the magadha kingdom many couples who are working there blessed with baby girls.from childhood onwards prince used to play with girls.but king before the birth of boy did a sin.he never use to respect the woman.he used to scold,misbehave etc with woman.many woman used to fine day king went to forest for hunting.he is searching for beautiful deer.when he saw the deer king started to chase.this place is near to ladies kingdom.suddenly the deer got left out(mayam ipoindi).while searching in a journey he saw a woman who is doing tapassu.he asked for deer she didn't listen.he got angry and kicked that woman .she angrily cused that in ur family there should be no men born.if born later he will become woman.the king got shocked and asked her to withdraw the curse.she said sorry once spelled can,t be taken back.but thereis one solution.the one(man)who converts into woman if she does pooja to kali for 2 yrs then she(prince)will be blessed with baby boy.otherwise there will be no men in ur family she said and left the place.then the king thought how it would takes place.then he did more pojas wit queen and blessed with baby boy.first the king was happy later worried that whether he will become woman or not.during childhood days princce used to play with girls.when notice came to king he ordered that no girl should with prince now onwards otherwise they will be punished.then king took lot of care upto 15 yrs.the king thought that curse may not take place as he crossed 15 yrs. because of his poojas he thought curse may not now prince is well versed in all king gave freedom to the prince went to hunting in the thick forest where his father kicked the woman.the prince not yet seen any animal for long distnace.unexpectedly he enteredinto ladies kingdom.this kingdom got full of magical trees and woman,while entering woman saw him secretly and informed to last finally he reached to queen.this queen is the daughter of that tapavsi she got time to take revenge.she asked prince what do u want .he said that he came here for hunting.k if u want to do hunting in this kingdom first u have to do one thing.the prince said what?then queen said before u do hunting u have to find out the apple tree which is glowing.if u eat that apple then u will find the animals.then prince said k.(if anyone eats that apple he slowly changes to woman that is a magical tree blessed with ladies kingdom).2nd story afterwards.
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