Purple Satin

After Christmas my wife wanted some new clothes because she was starting a new job.
We went into town and went into a well known shop. Immediately we both saw a row of deep purple long sleeved satin blouses. We both headed straight to the row and looked through to find a size for her. Not only was there one for her but one in my size as well.
After wandering around the shop for more clothes for her we paid for them and went home. When we got home C went straight up stairs to the bedroom to try on her clothes. After a few minutes she called me to come to the bedroom. She was standing in front of our long mirror wearing her high heeled shoes and the purple satin blouse, she looked amazing. I walked up behind her my **** already beginning to react to the beautiful sight. Standing behind C I lent forward and kissed her satin covered shoulder, it was like lighting the touch paper on a firework.
A long slow moan came from C's throat as I moved up to nuzzling her neck. My hands then reached round and cupped her breast's in my hand to find that she wasn't wearing anything beneath the satin blouse. I quickly played with her nipples through the shiny purple satin, rolling them between my thumb and fingers. This produced gasp and throaty groan. C then turned around and unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my boxers down to my knees. She then placed her arms around my neck and started to kiss me on the lips. The feel of her arms in the smooth material around my neck was sensational and I heard a low growl come from me.
Next I got undressed and we got to the bed and laid down on the satin sheets and kissed and caressed each other. Me caressing her through the satin and C letting her satin covered arms caress me. She let her hand down and place it around my ****, then cupped my balls in her hand so that my **** would rub against the sleeve of the shiny material. This made my **** twitch even more. I then leaned over and placed my lips over her satin covered nipple. The feel of her nipple through the smooth material on my lips was heavenly. Then I let my tongue begin to lick her protruding nipple through the satin, feeling the smooth satin on my tongue almost made me *** there and then. C then turned away and the dark patch of satin was very visible around her nipple that was by now straining through the satin.
C then undid the 3 buttons on the sleeve cuff and slowly placed the satin sleeve over my **** while fondling the special place between my **** and arse, Then with her other hand began to stroke my **** through the shiny smooth purple material. In no time at all my precum was spreading a dark patch all over the sleeve with every stroke of her hand. My **** was straining against the satin cocoon it was encased in and every stroke of C's hand was like sending electrical sparks along my ****.
C then undid the front buttons and to my dissapointment took off the blouse, but told me to lay on my back. She the let the blouse fall on my knees and she slowly pulled the blouse up my legs and caress my balls and along the length of my **** with just the weight of the satin doing the caressing. The feeling of the satin caressing my balls and **** was amazing making my **** to twitch like crazy and my balls to ache. She did this five times and each time just intensified the feeling more than the one before.
Next she took the blouse and placed it over my mouth and began kissing my lips through the satin. I could feel her tongue licking my lips and so I let my tongue explore her tongue through the smooth material. sucking her tongue and C sucking my tongue making the material wet with our salivor.
After this she once again placed the blouse over my ****, the sensational feeling of the satin stinging the sensitive exposed bell end of my **** was both very pleasurable and exciting. She then lowered her head down and just let it touch the end of my **** through the soft smooth material. This happened four times then on the fifth time she swallowed my **** whole. Just watching the shiny material dissappear into her mouth was mind blowing making me take a big intake of air. Slowly she began to move her head along my now very stiif ****. My balls were aching for release and just when I thought I was going to blow I felt her hand caressing my balls through the satin and give a quick squeeze. She then slowly pulled her mouth free of my **** the satin a very dark coulour of her mouth and my precum.
Next she straddled me and began to rub herself along my satin covered **** gathering peed with every stroke. After a short while she stopped and grabbed my **** and let my satin covered bell end slide along her folds of love. Suddenly she began to lower herself down onto my throbbing **** that was covered with her purple satin blouse. A low growl came from her mouth as she slowly rose up and down until she was totally impaled on my ****. I could feel her throbbing on my **** as well as my **** throbbing. Slowly she began to rise up and down gathering speed. I could feel my body bucking with every thrust we made until I exploded in her with an amazing feeling that went all over my body. She collapsed on top of me and gave me a pleasured kiss on my lips and then let my withering **** loose. Rolling to the side of me and looking down at the dark stained satin blouse. She pulled it free of my **** and held it up. There were dark stains all over the blouse, but it wasn't damaged in any way.
"That is one sexually abused blouse" she said.

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Hi, check our pics of me in my satin blouses on flickr ( profile name: mrsclarksatin) and let us know what you,d do to me in them.

Hi have been on flicker and saw the photos. Very nice especially loved the purple satin blouse ones very sexy.

Just read your story again and have a renewed hardness.

many thanks. I don't know why but every time that purple satin blouse comes out it ends with the blouse needing a wash.

A beautiful story and just the right ending for a satin blouse - mounted on a **** and ridden to ******.

I enjoyed your story on the purple blouse. I myself have a very sexy purple Karen Scott satin blouse which I enjoy making love to or sexually abusing as you put it...lol! I only wish I currently had a partner to play with it with me like you do. In any case I love stroking myself with the blouse and putting the sleeves over my penis. I have *** in that blouse so many times. It is one of my favorite playthings and sees the laundry machine quite often. Thank you for your story.

Thank you we have since bought 2 more of the same blouse and yes they have been sexually abused as well, But my wife loves wearing them when we go out just to tease me. She knows she'll be having a good seeing to when we get home.

You do sound like you love satin blouses. I know what you mean by your wife teasing you by wearing one when you go out. Sometimes when I see a woman wearing a satin blouse that I find alluring it gets me very excited and I can't wait to get home to have some satin blouse play time. To me blouses of this sort were made for sex. There are even some sites dedicated to women wearing satin blouses for sexual purposes.