I Love Silky Satin

hi  a am a male in my 20s  and i have always since  a young age  loved the look and feel of satin . my faverout satin  is satin  pjs and knickers  theye look so hot  the way the light  hits the soft silky material  and how it caresses  a womans curves    . however  for a long time now i have been searching  for any satin ****  without any luck   apart from the blagers  who clame to  like satin  i think we all know what sights  im talking about  pay sights that is  . so  2 weeks ago i finaly  launtched my own websight  with jenuine  satin sex  . please have a look i need all your support  www.satinfetishclub.com

bob77 bob77
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

have you tried a web site called my fetish.

I willl check it out and I also like what U like !!!!!!!!!!!!!