Neighbours School Knickers

my story goes back to the time when girls wore regulation school knickers either navy blue or white (1950/60) where  i lived we all played together boys/girls .
the only time you saw the knickers was either wash day hanging on the line or when they were having PT LESSONS but one day when we where playing at one of the girls houses  i asked to use the bathroom when i entered after locking the door behind me i noticed the wash basket and there on the top was some navy blue school knickers i just stood there paralyzed looking at them then without any thought i picked them up and just held them and with out any more thought removed my trousers and underpants and put them on as i pulled them up i  realized how comfortable they felt gripping the tops of the legs and giving the my bottoms so much cover.
i took them of after  a while and went back outside since then i have purchased a selection of school knickers in different colors but my favorite                                           co lour like all boys is navy blue i also have a selection of knickers in whats know the as full brief style again in different colors and with patterns and flowers on them i have also purchase school uniforms to match plus a couple of gingham dresses
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1 Response May 14, 2012

they are so soft stretchy and fit brilliantly I still wear them when I put my kilt on for weddings or partys