Gym Knickers

When I was at Secondary School, I hated games lessons. The reason for this was because the only options for games, for boys, were football, rugby or cross-country running.
I was really keen on Badminton, tennis and cricket, but only one of these were available all year round and not very often. I used to be out on a freezing cold football pitch, bored out of my mind and constantly watching the girls in the nice warm gym, wearing leotards during their dance lessons and wearing aertex blouses, long white socks and navy blue gym knickers for PE.
Things came to a crunch, when the girls challenged the boys to a game of Netball. I was one of the first to sign up. The boys were really keen and the game was scheduled for a Friday afternoon. The boys were all bragging that they would hammer the girls.
Then the girls challenged the boys to wear gym knickers, aertex blouses, long white socks and games skirts. I was well up for that challenge. Some of the other boys did, but not many.
I was LOVING it, running round that netball court dressed as a girl. It was an amazing feeling. It was then that I fell in love with gym knickers and also with leotards. I now own both and wear them regularly.
Gym knickers are not just for girls, guys can wear them too. I wear my gym knickers to the gym, when Im out cycling. They are fantastic.
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I remember when our school had a gender awareness day. Boys had to wear the girls uniform including Pe kit of black leotard, Black gym panties, white socks, green pleated gym skirt and plymsols.

When i was at school the boys used to love to watch the girls playing netball; those gym knickers and games skirts used to get us really hot under the collar!

I know they are nice and smooth velour gym knickers for girls, why do men like them so much and are they actually wearing them.LOL

Yes, Sally I really do wear them. I love them, because they show a lot of leg, but cover ones modesty too. I show you photos if you like. X

They are soooo much better then boring shorts

Navy blue velour girls gym knickers are a wonderful thing so soft and so nice against the skin.
Wonderful garments.

Girls Gym Knickers are wonderful for men.