I've been lucky enough to be able to wear short shorts most of the summer for several years so I want to give a little pep talk to people who seem a bit hesitant to wear short shorts. You will have less negativity from others than you think. With a bit work you can find or get shorts for most occasions. Wearing short shorts is fun and comfortable. For example, yesterday morning I put on a pair of Soffe Slicks. Later in the morning I had to work for several hours setting bricks in a path. For that I wore an old pair shiny blue Adidas 80s style short shorts. (If you lay bricks in shorts, you need a kneeler or knee pads.) After lunch I got cleaned up and changed back to the Slicks to go to the supermarket. In the evening I changed into a pair of cotton shorts with pockets (2 in. inseam) to visit some art galleries. So another day in short shorts! Sometimes I wear slightly longer shorts. The last time I went to a restaurant, I wore a pair of shorts made from Levis 514 low rise jeans with a 4 inch inseam. I also have a few pairs of retro style satin soccer shorts with 1.5 - 2 inch inseams, as well as some other shorts so I can wear short shorts all the time.
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I agree, I haven't had any negative experiences wearing short shorts the last 2 summers as a younger guy. It's been great for exercising outside. A variety of shorts for different occasions is key. My smallest ones are pretty tight and scandalous with a 1.5 inch inseam, but I don't wear them much in stores. Mostly 2-3 inch mesh athletic shorts, only very occasionally will I wear long baggies when I feel like keeping a lower profile.

Soffe's are my favorite....I wear soffes quite a bit from mesh to the slicks....to the old style....thank you!!