I love wearing short shorts, they really don't feel as revealing as they look but whenever I wear them they make me feel sexy. I have not worn them outside because I'm a little self-conscious.

Me in short shorts that I made from mens longer shorts. The pockets were the same navy blue color so I bleached them and now they brownish color.

What do you guys think? I will have some more pics soon, end of summer means sales on shorts and I've ordered a few pairs.
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You and me both! I'm a completely straight male and the day I tried on female short shorts I felt quite liberated and free from the long baggy ones that don't fit! If guys would start wearing them a lot more then I would think they'd better understand how the females do when they use to wear them to school and us males treated them like sexual objects and it was always a distraction and perhaps the girls could wear them to schools in America again if that were so if guys knew how it felt if that role were reversed

Wow! You have really nice legs!

I go for the runner look, myself, because I find it easier to pull off in public, and also because I prefer my short shorts to have wide leg openings. So that's one more option you have.

you did a good job. that's a good length. don't worry about the pockets showing. I've seen many women in cutoffs that had the bottom of the pockets showing.

They are sexy to wear.

I sometimes go out in shorts which are as short as those. It feels fantastic and no-one has commented on them.

I to love to wear short shorts, and I do sometimes wear them outside! I get a lot of "hi" greetings from women, so I think they like what they see.