A Pretty Sissy Girl

I've been dressing for ages now and love the sissy little girl look so much with all the pretty silky frilly things they get to wear. Nothing is more fem then frilly sissy panties, nylons with pretty ankle socks in my pink Mary Jane shoes. Then a full petticoat, a satin sissy looking training bra and over this one of my frilly sissy little girl dresses. Ohhhh I feel so pretty with these on me so I also wear a sissy curly blonde wig to cap the look, it even has a pretty pink ribbon it it too, giggle. I dio enjoy dressing and getting together with other sissy little girl for dressup fun and also some girly times too. Hope you enjoyed this story, Sissy.
frillysissy frillysissy
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16 Responses Jul 23, 2011

I'll never be passable for sure, but love getting all prettied up and checking out what's going on in Sissidom. Since I'm primarily a sissy baby, I like to add a diaper and some plastic-lined rhumba panties under my outfit.

me too. just got some sweet socks from puddlescollection.com. with tutu ruffles. not only are the adorable but made for girls. I wear a size 11 womans shoe and orderer for 9yr +. they fit very well and are adorable.

Please add me as your friend I love to dress up in pretty sissy dresses,petticoats ,white lacy panties and Mary Jane shoes and we could chat

How adorable, would love to be a little girl with you xxx

I would have to say nothing is wrong in dressing like a little sissy girl I think it is fun and it feels good when those little ruffle panties over your diapers and wearing a pair of sheer panty hose under your diapers to dress up your legs and when getting into that little girls dress it looks good and feels good to see yourself in the mirror. I would like be added into your friends list. kim

One of my favorite fantasy is to be dressed as a sissy and made to play with an other sissy.

I'm intrigued by your comment in one of your photos that the panties were a gift from your wife's friend. Do tell more.

yes i love just do so love your story and i too would love to dress in girlish girly girl dresses skirts slips panties mary janes t straps and than stay little girly just forever nothing could be better than being a little girly!

I loved your story I too dress up in pretty girls dresses petticoats satin panties ankle socks and Mary Jane shoes and as I'm text ing I'm dressed that way now

I am not sure why petticoats so get me going, but they do. It's been that way since I was 5. There's nothing wrong with frills.

Love it - i have just bought my FIRST pair of sissy satin panties and a frilly baby doll, next the dress BUT where can i buy some Mary Jane shoes?

Check out thrift stores yard sales

Would frillysissy enjoy being corrupted? I'll show you mine if you show me yours???

I have loved wearing the ruffled panties under the soft and really full chiffon peticoats which are both covered with a frilly pink and white "little girls party dress". Lots of ruffles and lace. I would like to meet othrs who share this same fantsey.

your awesome sweetie...........sugar and spice.................tee hee

Frillysissy, your dress is just beautiful. I'm looking into buying one myself.

wonderful. i love getting together with other little girlie sissies too.