Sissy Baby Wedding

I remember the first time I got to war a sissy dress in public. We went to a sissy AB wedding at a Holiday Inn and I was asked to be best man, well maybe I should say the Maid of Honor.

The groom was a sissy baby and was in his prettiest sissy dress, so I was to wear mine. It took a lot of coaxing from my fiance (we are now married) but i finally left the room to walk to the private banquet hall in a pink satin sissy dress.

Fortunately, it was on Halloween and hotel was having a costume party in the bar (great planning) so I didn't look that out of place.

We all ended up in the bar later that night, I was both very nervous ans exhilarated

babybearjean babybearjean
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So you had your wife to bee with you! That must have been fantastic!

nice ! :- )

would love to attend a party of abs and their mummies and dadies and to be able to dress and act like the little sissy baby i love to be. it would have to be some where away from the area in which i live and i would be to nervous and shy to be seen out side in public dressed as a sissy baby and would have to get dressed at the function.

I would love to go to a sissy baby wedding. Wow what a great experience

hi i like your pic of you in that pretty dress and you go girl i would love to be married in a pretty dress too

hi i like your pic of you in that pretty dress and you go girl i would love to be married in a pretty dress too

i once served as sissy flower girl at a gay wedding. it was such fun.

How exciting! I would love to see the wedding photos.

I Hope that your Fiance, now your wife was waering pants while you were decked out with the other men in Pretty Sissy Dresses!

Wow who's wedding was it... and how many people were dressed up??? what was it like... i guess i am curious of why they besided to have that kind of wedding

Oh babybearjean, Thanks you :) As I said the more you go out the better it gets. You just need to relax and don't pay any mind to what others are doing. Act as if you own the place. Have Funnnnnnnn!!

Thanks for your kind words boystud. Not so sure just how comfotable I was. At firt I was a nervious as cat in a dog kennel. But as the night progressed I did get more comfortable. Though going to the bar afterwards got a bit unnerving for a bit. But there were many of us there and everything worked out fine. The corner belonged to us sissy's and their SO's so we did fine.<br />
<br />
BTW I love your socks

It's fun when you get confertable with your self in public you have more fun. Yes great timing to try it out. I also wished I could have been at the wedding just to see you all. Have fun!!

Thanks, i have been working on looking cuter and more fem since that day... It was a first for me

I love it! What a really happy experience. I bet you all were just cute as can be!