Caught And Petticoated

I was alone for the first time in awhile  my wife had gone shopping hich usually means hours.  Just as I had finished Pulling the pink cashmere sweater over my head   I heard the click of the camera.   I spun around and click again,  I had been caught and she loved it    she always called me feminine and now she could prove it.  "I've been waiting for this day she said.   She went to he closet and pulled out several boxes   thrw them on the bed and said put these on I will be back later.  From that day forward  "I Love Wearing Sissy Dresses"

SissyLisaMiddleton SissyLisaMiddleton
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you are so lucky. enjoy it!

Good for your wife ... isn't it nice to dress and have your wife love it! ;-)

Now we are waiting for society to accept it. (As if that is going to happen).

What you say is true, but hey it is better than it was 20-30 years ago. Besides you can underdress, which only you and your wife and only those friends that you wanted to would know ... and many women's jeans aren't that different than men's, except for the cut and label which isn't that obvious, and there are some women's shirts that other than buttoning right over left are pretty androgynous ... I know it isn't as much fun as wearing a pretty dress or a skirt and top, but at least you could go out dressed in public and be dressed like many women. At least that is and idea ... ;-)

It is better than the 60's or 70's. It's great if you like jeans and undergarments.
Even though I do wear woman's undergarments, I almost forget that I'm wearing them after a short while. I so love pretty dresses and petticoats but with these, I feel restricted to the house.
In fact, I was making arrangements to wear my bridesmaid dress at a function this Saturday at a "gender mosaic" organization and was told that I would not fit in at all. I could wear a nice skirt and blouse but nothing sexy. There could be children attending.
To recap, if you like the modern style, you are in luck. Compared to the 50's and 60's, many woman today want to dress like men (which is widely accepted), and a man can get away with women's clothes (which is not very noticeable anyway).
I, on the other hand want to feel like a real girlie girl. Stepping outside dressed up with a frilly dress, could get me shot. This is why there would have to be a great change in today's society.

Your points are well taken, Melissa, and yes unless we can 'blend' we are pretty much restricted to dressing at home. But hey, wearing a nice skirt and blouse, though not sexy, to that function on Saturday ... well at least you could express yourself and have a fun time.

I will go Lee, however, one of the executives suggested that I attend as a man the first time. This way I will be in a better position to judge whether this is for me. Besides, I have nothing to wear (now I sound like a real girlie LOL).

Good for you Melissa, going Saturday, but it sounds like it would be best to me to follow the executives suggestion, since it is your first time. Of course you could underdress and no one would know, unless you told them ...
I would be interested in hearing how it went and what you thought afterwards.

I will underdress; one of my favorite pastimes is to surprise someone who doesn't suspect anything, then I flash them with my frilly bra.

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Good for you Lisa. My wife supports my girlie world 100%. It's such a relief if your wife knows; a burst of freedom. The best thing is, nothing changed between us.

i would love to happen me ..lucky sissy

Hi, Jenny here: If you want to have your sissy wear shirts with saying on them. Go here:<br /> They have t-shirts, hoodies printed with "I wear girl's panties" on them, Got one for Bobby and I have him wear it to the dress shops. Also <br />
panties with sissy across the bottom and hats with sissy saying.

i love your story

Well I didn't get caught, my wife knew before we were married. And that led to her choice in what I wore on my wedding night. You can see it here, sorry I was new to heels then and has a balace problem. But I got better at that<br />
<br />

I think its what we all would like to hapen,being dresst up and being caurght.Nice to no you have a wife so understanding

It's great that your wife wants a part in all of it. Shows how much she loves you. Very lucky to have someone so understanding.

Must be nice to have someone to share it with

You are a very lucky sissy. My wife caught me once and it was nearly the end of our relationship. I adore her, but also adore the wonders being a sissy and maybe even someday being a sissy for an understanding mistress or master. Until then .....