Expect The Unexpected

I am a 19 year old boy going to college, living in an aparment near campus. This semester i took a class that was taugh by 2 young beautiful hot girls with decent boob, awesome ab, and dress very sexy, their name is Abi and Jennifer. They are so close to each other i dont know if they are lesbian or just really good friend but they are fun teacher. The class meet on monday, wednesday and friday in the morning, they talk about grade system, extra credit etc... like most other professor. When we work on an assigment, i heard they talk about a party, it sound fun, i an not that popular in school so i didn't go to party much, but i like to get to know them, so after class, when they stay back for class question, everyone else left, i was the only one in the room with them, i ask them about the party i overheard them talking about. They smile, look at each other, and they just smile a little bit, the smile was a little evil, but i was embarass. They told me yes, i could come to the party, i just need to stop by to their apartment for them to fill me in the detail. since i have no question left, we all left the room at the same time. i walk out ahead of them, and they walk behind me, one of them slap my butt, i am not sure which one, behind me i heard a little giggle, but i keep on walking. 


I stop by their apartment early Thursday morning, i dont have any class on Thurday so i have a lot of free time, but Abi was home. i come in and sat on the couch, she recognize me but doesn't know my name, i told her my real name but she say that is too complicated so she will give me a nick name Sara, I know it was a girl name but i did't mind too much. she sat closer to me, putting her hand on my leg and rub it a little, i didn't mind that either. I proceed to ask her about the party.She told me it will be a make out party, where girl put on different color lip stick and give guy blow job. i was shock but my p e n i s is hard after hearing it. i was thinking maybe someone will suck me. She told me since this is my first party, follow her advice and she will let me join the party to have fun. She told me to go shave my body clean, include the private part need to be hairless. I was a little shock but i did what she told me. I went to the bathroom and do what she ask. when i finish, i was looking around for my cloth but i can't find them any where. i stood in the bath room and yell out to Abi to see if she knew where my cloth is. She stand out side the bathroom, told me to calm down, she just put it away for me. she crack the bathroom door a little, put a pink thong and a bra through the door and told me to put it on. i refuse, but i was naked and she say that if i don't do what she ask, she will fail me.

" Sara honey, put those pretty bra and panty on, you will look good on it, do it or your college grade wont be as pretty as you are"

i have no choice but to put them on. After i put them on, she throw in a short mini skirt and a blouse. The white skirt was so short, and transparent that you can see the imprint and the pink thong i am wearing. The blouse was design to really show and get attention around the boob, and it was also transparent, so you can kinda see the pink bra i was wearing. she told me to walk out side, i was reluctant but i can't stay in the bathroom for ever.

" wow sara, you look great, jenifer should be home soon and i am sure she will enjoy it "

she give me a pair of high heel to try it, it fit perpectly, she make me practice walking back and forth the right style where my b u t t shake back and forth.

She put a little of make up on me, but you can still clerly tell that i am a boy that dress in girly cloth. 

>>> Sara honey, you look good enough to go out in public now, let go shopping, we will buy some new cloth for you for the party, some tampon, and condom.

i was very afraid of going outside dress like a ****, but i have no choice, what even worse is that Abi have a convertable so everyone on the street would have a clear view of me.  on the on to the mall, she go over a few rule that i need to obey at all time.

- from now on, i have to call her and jenifer mistress and obey all their commands

-  i will be their loyal sissy, and they will begin training me

- i cannot *** during the training with out their permision, if i accidently ***, i have to eat it all and take additional punishment

- when her and//or jenifer get home, i need to be kneeling down pulling mu skirt up welcome them home. lick their feet when they take their shoe off and keep on crawling to where ever their go and keep on licking feet until they gave permission to stop.

- when going on in public, i always have to use the girl bathroom and sit down to pee and wipe.

- i have to service anyone who they ask me to.

-they will teach me how to flirt with boy and  i have to do exactly what they ask me to do.

when we arrive at the mall, we first go to the woman underwere shop. she told the sale attentdant.

This is Sara, she looking for some pretty woman under wear, she doesn't know which size bra she were so can you help her out.

The sale attendant put her hand over my boob and say:

>>> you have some good size natural boob, and your ab is small, so your body is perpect to wear woman underwear. She went a head and give me some pink size B filled bra and a few very pretty panties. Abi ask me to try them on and walk infront of the store. The sale attendant common.

>>> your p e n i s are so small they dont even appear on the pink thong, with good boob and small size p e n i s you are a perpect sissy.

Abi add to it

>>> yep, he got a **** not a p e n i s, and how good a sissy is depend on how good he is a sucking c o c k and eating p u s s y too.

they both laugh and both look at me, i can tell my mistress want me to response.

----- yes mistress ill try my best to be your best sissy ****.

next we went to the woman dress store.

Abi told the sale attendant

Sara here is looking for a good sexy looking dress for a party, what do you recomend?

the sale attendant recommend a small fit, very tight to my body, a red, white and pink short dress. Abi ask me to try on all the dress, they all very very short, you can see a little of my pink thong showing through the bottom, and i have to stand absolutely straigh to hide my panty. But when i stand straigh, the upper dress show a good amount of my pink bra and my boob. except for the white one, which is a little transparent so you can see both the bra and the panty anyway. we end up buying the red and the white on. And and extra pink dress, very silky, but this pink dress is a long one all the way a little over my knee, mostly show ab and boob. She say that dress make me looking a little less like a **** and giggle, that dress could be use for me to wear to class, she giggle some more. i was shock as i have to dress in sexy woman cloth to go to school too. i was order to wear the newly bough bram panty and pink drress home. The thong is silky and feel good, but it feel a little too exposed, cause it have very little silk and mostly string.  I wore the newly bought cloth to buy the condom and tampon, people did give me weird look, but one woman put her hand under my dress and rub my butt a little when i was getting in line to pay.

When we get home, i was order to walk to a neighbor house to invite a guy next door to the party. I have to flirt a little with the guy while inviting him according to my mistress order.

I ring the bell knee down and very embarass waiting for a reponse. when he open the door, i pull my dress up a little, put my hand on the my boob and talk to him.

>>> hi, i am Sara Abi sissy ****, Abi ask me to invite you to our party friday night.

he say "no thank"

>>> please come, i begg you, my mistress wont be happy and she will punish me if you dont come, it is a good party where you will get girl putting on different lip stick to give you a blow job.

at the point, i pull my thong down to my knee, pull my skirt up half way on the right.

he told me to turn around, put his hand under my skirt, rub my body all the way up to the bress boob. I stand still, waitting for him to come to a decision, he say he wiill think about it. There is nothing else i could say or do, last attempt.

>>> sir, maybe i could try to convince you to come by sucking you K o c k right now, please sir, let me prove my self by sucking you. 

he told me " no stupid sissy ****, you not good enough to suck me "

---> " i am so sorry sir, are there anything i could do to make it up to you "

At this point he close the door, i fail to invite him, i wonder what the punishment will be, i am also a little scare. I walk back in the house, and sat on the couch to relax. Abi come by and correct me.

>>> i never allow you to walk into the house and sat on the couch, go out side and knee down and ill let you craw into the house when i feel like it"

i did what she ask, i only have to knee down for about 5 min before she let me crawl in, i say "thank you misstress", craw in the house, suck on her feet.

my mistress compliemented " good girl "

Abi went to the couch and i craw to her, she told me i could stop and start giving her a foot message, i massage on foot and the other foot she put into my thong and play around with my c o c k. i errect a little on her feet. when she pull it out she say.

" you are not allow to *** Sara, and all *** need to be lick clean, no a single drop of *** can be wasted, so lick it off my feet"

After i did that, she spread a leg apart, tell me to put my hand behind my back and start licking her *****. She told me i need a lot more practice. Her phone ring, she pick up and i was able to over heard he conversation. It was jenifer boyfriend calling her say that he will come over to have sex with jennifer, he can't wait and he ************ right now, abi told him to put on a condom to save all the ***, i am not sure why, she told him that.

but while i was licking Abi *****, i heard the garage door open and i rush to the door, knee down and pull my skirt up and pull the thong  down.

Jennifer walk in looking very impress. she took off her shoe, stood their using one feet to play with my c o c k. she say

 " wow, you sissy ****, your c o c k is so small it is like a ****, that is ok too since you never gonna need it, anyway, my boy friend will come soon, i need my ***** all wet and ready." i proceed to lick her, she seem to enjoy it but still saying that i need a lot of practice.

Not too long later, her boy friend came, i did the same thing, crawl to the door, pull my skirt up and thong down, but he just ignore me. he say " i need to get hard to ******* my girlf friend, you know what to do sissy"

i procceed to suck his ****, i have to use a little teeth to get it hard. he also say that i need more practice.

Abi walk by, so he give abi the dirty condom full of his ***, abi then order me to eat it all, i was shock but i have no choice, jenifer comment " you stupid sissy ****, dont let my biy friend *** go to waste" after i ate most of it, she took the condom, turn it inside out and order me to get it clean. proceed to sucking on her buy friend c o c k again, when he about to ***, he pull his **** out and squirt all over my face, i say " thank you master" Abi and Jenifer just laugh, i was order to open my mouth wise open and he squirt another load into my mouth, i was order to swallow it clean. i keep on sucking to get it hard again, this time, he went on and ******* jenifer, everytime he *** in jenifer, i was order to suck it to make it hard again for him to keep on going. when They are done, jenifer order me to laid down face up with my mouth open, she sit on my face release all the *** in my mouth saying " alright sissy, make sure not a single drop go to waste" Abi adding " well, Sara didn't do a good job, but it was her first time, give her a little reward" i thought i was allow to *** but i am very wrong. jenifer say " alright, here is your reward, bend over " so i did, her boy friend penetrated me up the a s s, it hurt so good, i moan like a woman, her boy friend *** one shot in me. He stop because jennifer day that was plenty of reward for me already. I was then order to release all the *** in my thong and lick it clean. after that, abi and jenifer just went over the basic rule with me about being a good sissy girl, walk like a girl, pee like a girl, show me how to use condom and other stuff. I was allow to walk home after that, but when i get home, i am not allow to change into male cloth. And go to class on friday with the pink dress, bra and thong and high heel.

So i did obey what they say, get to campus on completely woman cloth. When i get to class, she instroduce me.

"hello class, we got a new student name sara, she is a sissy **** that i brought here to service you student and hopefully improve the class so we could have more fun. sara is mediocure at p u s s y licking and sucking c o c k so we can train her together as a class, we can take turn playing with him, everyone will get their turn, but if you like to rent this sissy from us outside the class time, we can also do that" i was standing infont of class, so i curtsy and thank every one. The two girl that sit infont of the class call shot gun on using me. I sat under their chair and lick their *****, they moan a little, but still say i am not good enough. After that it is a guy in the back of the class who like a blow job, i sat under his chair and try to do my best to pleasure him, but he also saying i am not very good. i can tell that abi and jennifer are mad and they are going to come up with punishment later for me. i was scare, i ask them to let me prove myself one more time, ill start kissing their thigh but they push me off. Jennifer say " no you stupid ****, we have other thing to do, you not worth our time, put you womanly cloth back on get out" 

i walk to my next class, apparently, the girl who taugh that class spoke to jennifer and knew about about me, she told me that since i wasn't good at sucking and lick, i will have to knee down infront of class with my nose on the ground. whoever like to **** me, they can come up, pull my thong down and do it, at the end of the class, release all the *** on the thong and lick it clean.  In that class, there are about 5 persons who come up and do me. At the end of the class, when i walk out, a bunch of girl put their hand on me and feel my boob and panty. I thanx them all.


I got tire of writting, and my grammar is bad so if u like to read more, let me know... il try to write more later.






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Mar 5, 2010