My Latest Adventure While Skating.

I would like to share this great experience I had over the weekend.
As some of you will know, I love to wear leotards and skating dresses, with the appropriate hosiery of course. Well 2 weeks ago, I was searching through a local sports store that has a section for gently used sports equipment and sportswear. ( I get a lot of my leotards and dresses from here ) Well I had found a couple of Milano long sleeved leotards (my favorite make) and a couple of Skating dresses. One in Scarlet red with long sleeves, flared skirt and a cut out design in the back, and a Black velvet skating dress with silver trim and design on the body, sleeves and hem of the flared skirt. And I also bought a tracksuit with a zip up hooded top, in red and white.
As soon as I got home, I took a pair of scissors and cut up the outside of the leg of the track suit pants on both sides, then sewed in short strips of Velcro down the length of each side, and then attached the strips back together, so the pants look complete again. This means I can take them off easily while still wearing my skates.
Anyways, I was going out skating on Friday evening, so I pulled on a pair of tan colored high cut panties, tucked myself away and then pulled on my tan skating hosiery and pulled them up tight around my crotch, giving a nice smooth feminine curve. Stepped into my new red skating dress, pulled it up tight to my waist and then pushed my arms through the sleeves and over my bra filled with my C cup silicone breast forms. It was my special bra that has clear shoulder and back straps, as the dress had the cut out design in the back. And then put on my adapted tracksuit, tucked my long strawberry blonde hair inside the hood and putted the hood up.
I left the house and skated off down the road. I don’t live far from the lake shore and there is a long footpath that follows the lake shore, which goes for many miles thought open areas and wooded areas.
After about five minutes of skating along the lake I entered the wooded area, and stopped to check if anyone was in sight. I reached down the side of my track pant legs and putted the Velcro seam apart. In seconds my nylon clad legs stretched down to my skates. I rolled the pants up tightly and put them in my small back pack and hung it over one shoulder. Took down my hood and let my long strawberry blonde hair flow free (I wear a wig and this is my favorite, with gentle curls and waves, and runs half way down my back)
As I skated out of the wooded area and back into the open, my hair was blowing behind me and the front of my skirt was pushing back against my feminine crotch, and my tracksuit top was unzipped, suddenly I heard a female voice call out my ‘real’ name. I pretended to ignore it, but then I heard it again, coming from another adjoining path on the right of me. I froze, as I saw a female skating towards me. She had long dark hair and was wearing what looked like a leotard and skirt. Did I know her ?
“Hi, do you mind if I skate with you ? she said.
“Sure “ I said quietly, trying not to look straight at her, and trying to act casual and normal. At the same time as trying to remember who she was, I knew I had seen her before, but where.
“you don’t recognize me do you” she said “I’m Angela, I live down the road from you”
“oh hi” I replied with a worried tone.
“it’s okay, I have been watching you skate a few times. And then I saw you in the sports store the other day, I’m the assistant manager” Angela casually said.
“okay..” I replied still trying not to look at her.
“it’s okay, I have not told anyone. It can be our secret. We all have secrets” Angela replied. She then took my hand and we skated on.
As we passed a group of teenage boys, one of them called out, “ Now there is some girl on girl action I would love to see” which resulted in cheering from his friends.
“In your dreams” Angela turned and shouted back.
‘give us a show” the boys shouted, followed by more cheers and laughter.
Suddenly Angela stopped us, we were about 100 feet away from them, so far enough. She turned and looked at me. I looked down at her chest and could clearly see her erect nipples pushing out through her leotard. She was turned on by all of this. She reached with her hand down between my legs and ran her hand and fingers over my feminine crotch, (which was slowly developing a hard bulge going back between my legs) and then kissed me. “put your hand around my waist and cup my arse” she whispered to me. I complied of course.
All this was done in front of the group of horny teenage boys, who stood there speechless. And then a huge cheer went up.
Angela, pulled away, and skated off, pulling me by the hand.
We skated back to Angela’s house and she invited me in. We took off our skates and as she went off to get some drinks from the kitchen, I stood looking out of the patio window at her garden and swimming pool. Suddenly she was behind me. Her hand swept round my waist and up to my breasts, cupping my breast, running her fingers over my nipple. I turned and slipped my hand inside the top of her leotard (she was wearing a sleeveless leotard, so it was easy to get my hand to her breasts.) She had a lovely firm pair of breasts. She was starting to stroke me between my legs, and I hardened at the touch of her fingers. She pulled aside the panties of my skating dress, and then pulled at my hosiery, and tore a hole, and then cursed at my other panties, and pulled them aside, releasing my hardening shaft.
“I want this in me” she moaned in my ear.
When she had gone to get us drinks she had removed her hosiery, and put her leotard and skirt back on.
She pulled me over to the side of the couch and leaned over the arm, and pulled me in behind her.
“Let me guide it in” she said and reached behind her, grabbing my shaft in her hand and guided me to the entrance of her waiting moist hole. I could feel her wet hole with the tip of my **** and realized that she must either be very turned on or she had lubricated herself for an easy entrance. She pushed back on me and my **** slowly pushed into her hole. She had a lovely tight hole, which took a minute to push my 8 inches all the way into.
“touch me “ she moaned.
I played with her bouncing breasts, which were now free of her leotard. While I had my left hand around her left breast, I ran my hand down to her waist and up under her skirt to her crotch. She moaned “Yes, yes, touch me.” I reached the panties of her leotard, and found the biggest **** ever. I paused thrusting into her and my hand froze. “God! Don’t stop now! Please.” She pleaded with me.
I slowly started to push back inside Angela’s tight hole, and now I know why it was so tight! I pulled aside her leotard and released her 5 inch “****” and started stroking it. After only 30 seconds, I had forgotten my shock and stroked her like I had done this many times before. I felt her “****” twitching and them spilling her warm load over my hand. This was just too much for me, and I filled her hole with my hot load.
I stood in the shower, thinking to myself ‘I had just had sex with my first Trans-sexual. But she had such a hot, feminine body’ I have only been attracted to females sexually, well up until now. But then again, she is female in every way, (except one) And the sex was amazing.
As we sat in her garden, talking, she apologized for not telling more about herself, but, things had got carried away, and well, we now both share a secret. This is the way that she was born, and normally her male part does not work, only when incredibly aroused, and that was very very rare. She wanted to be seen as the true female she is, and hoped that the extra, normally useless bit would not be a factor in our friendship. And she wanted to see me as the everyday me and as Laura-Jane, the best of both worlds, how can I refuse.
I hope Angela becomes a good friend, time will tell…….And I will let you all know…..
LauraJaneW LauraJaneW
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I had to read your story again. Love it, love it.

Great story! Very exciting :) The little skating dress of your profile photo is really beautiful too. Add me as a friend, I'd love to see your other photos. :)

What an incredible story! I love it. I hope it works out for you.

Great story love it

Wow, that was so hot. Love it.

Hermophradites are Wonderful! Glad to see Angela is living in the Feminine Lifestyle. More us us "Men" should be Feminine as well!

Great story! ...but, no comments, amazing. <br />
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