The First Time I Tried A Skating Dress

Since as long as I can remember, I always liked to wear girl's clothes. I remember rummaging through boxes and bags of old clothes in the basement early in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up. Looking for dresses or any other type of women's clothing. I also remember wearing those of my little sister without her knowledge. Dresses, swimsuits, tights ... She surprised me once when I had to have only 7 or 8 years. I wore a pink princess dress if I remember correctly. I think my older brother also saw me with a kind of leotard once in the same age. Later became more cautious, I took advantage of the absence of all the family at home to go in the bedroom of my little sister and borrow any kind of garment. I loved her swimsuit, her dresses, her skirts and tights.
At the age of 10 or 11 years, she started figure skating lessons. I myself had 12 or 13 and was taking of karate lessons. Our beings during the same day but an hour's interval, I had to wait at the rink during his lessons. I took advantage of course to watch the pretty little instructors and students with their pretty little dress.Several fantasies have crossed my mind to boy awake.
Since I had my karate suit, it was logical that my little sister could have her own for her skating. So my mother gave her after finding her in his perceverance skating lessons, a wonderful little red skating dress. The dress was made ​​of Lycra, has had oval neck opening and a small traditional skirt. I had the taste to try it the minute I saw it. I could not wait to have this opportunity. One day I saw the dress on my parent's bed. As the room has a private bathroom, I waited for the other bathroom of the house is occupied and I asked my mother if I could use the one from his room. I closed and locked the room's door. Here at last, the dress was there. I took it in my hands.It was incredibly sweet. Without waiting longer, I undressed and got into. The sensation was incredible. From this day, whenever I had the chance, I wore it often and as long as I could. I probably wear this dress a hundred times more often than my little sister :) After stopping his skating lessons, the dress ended up in a trunk of old clothes.The dress does not even live there one day before I recovered. I kept it until the day I had to separate because she had become too worn. My first girlfriend has one day in a borrowed his friend to please me by wearing it. She made ​​me a little treat with the dress on her.
I did not dare confess to my girlfriend that I would have liked to try it too :) But with a second girlfriend later I returned. With the help of the internet, I bought my first skating dress, lycra, Navy with a crew neck and a small traditional skirt. I finally realize my fantasy of having sex with a cute little skater and I even push my luck next time by starting with the dress I wore myself in my turn to make love to her. It was extremely erotic and my ex-girlfriend did not have to complain. I'm single now but I still bought several other dress, tights, leotards and skating skirt. I posted some photos on my profile. Thank you for reading my story! Feel free to comment.
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Lovely story! Thank you for sharing! :)

I love your story, I have had very similar experiences, But an not as courageous as you. I have a large collection of skate skirt's, Leotards, short dresses, Skirt's. The feeling With tights, Nylon panties etc... Is so unbelievable.

Lovely story Nadia, thank you.

Go for it. Those dresses are cute and if you feel good in wearing one, I say that is great. Life is too short not to enjoy some guilty pleasures, as long as you're not hurting anyone I see absolutely no reason for you not to enjoy. Its just clothing, folks, no big issue.

Did your parents ever find out ?

I do not think ... If they do, they have never spoken. Only one of my cousin (guy), a friend (girl) and some other person that I only know from the net knows about this. My cousin even tried one a few times. I was first surprised that he dares to do