Dressing So Girly While Exploring My More Feminine Side

As of right now I own 3 dresses, a skirt, a feminine top, and 5 pairs of high heels and plus a purse.
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I love your bravery!!! I hope you will ad me?

your on your way good luck with the job search

Thank you doll, this girl needs herself a job...I need more girly clothes. I found out last night that I can transition w/o hormones or srs which helps me a whole lot. I can purchase prosthetic breasts and a vagina and hopefully some new wigs and makeup as well...If you would like to know the website for the prosthetic breasts and vagina, the website is http://suite101.com/article/transitioning-without-hormones-or-surgery-for-ftm-and-mtf-a361449 This site gave me the alternative option to transition w/o hormones or srs and I can come out to who I want and not all people that I come in contact with on the daily basis. The website for the products or should I say websites are http://www.crossdresser.com and http://www.cross-dress.com/

I like to dress too. Check me out at my page. New story.

I can tell from the story that I read of yours last night. I will check out your new story. I will leave you a commit as soon as possible. Right now I need to find a job and fast so I can build up my money back up and continue on buying more girly clothes...:)

for day wear sheer stocking galore mainly black seamed stockings but I also have sheer and glossy tan . Only three pairs of heels (sob sob) dying to find some thigh high boots . Matching bra panty suspender belt sets in blue light blue and black. Two pencil skirts two mini skirts one mini dress loads of blouses and I need more!!!!!!

Shopping is my passion again. I purged my stash a few years ago and am rebuilding a new wardrobe slowly but surely. Would love to dress and go girly shopping together X

I hear you on that as I know from what I have read online that people treat t girls like me differently and it is not safe but safety is in numbers and it would be even better if the others with t girls like me would be other t girls and some g girls as well...:)

Here is an update on my female wardrobe and accessories...I own 16 pairs of high heels...6 silver, 3 pink (one which is 5.5 inch pink suede Charlotte Russe Keyhole toe), 1 gold, 2 black ( one is a Mitsy from Wal-Mart), 2 ivory, 1 blue, and 1 sparkly red Mary Janes. I own 8 skirts...1 full length white, 2 blue (one mini and 1 full-length), 1 orange lacy mini, 1 formal pink,1 mini jean, 1 full length lime green, and 1 black lace mini that makes me feel so slutty but sexy. I own 9 dresses... 2 full length green, 1 white and gold, 1 white, pink, yellow and orange, 1 blueish purple, 1 sky blue spaghetti strap, 1 white and silver mini, 1 full length pink from Loft. I own 6 girly tops...Pink with built-in bra, orange with spaghetti strap, red sexy lace, pink camisole from Victoria Secrets, Orange sexy top, pink lace top from Hollister. I own 7 different colors of nail polish...pink, lime green, sunkissed orange, posh green, red velvet, metallic blue and metallic silver. I own a blue green bra of which I am wearing right now 2 pairs of blue green panties of which I am wearing one of them right now, a silver purse, black pantyhose, head band, hair ties, pink pout lipstick, 2 pairs of clip on earrings one smaller hoop and one larger hoop, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, 2 blonde wigs...More clothes and heels for this girl...:)

Have you looked at my pics yet?

I know you don't mean to be mean but helpful. Now if you were closer to me, I know that you want to meet up and assist me to look more feminine...Thank you for your commits both positive and helpful

I just bought a new Foundation and a Cherry flavored lip gloss...:)

Tried to add y ou as a friend and can't. We seem to have a lot in common do you think we could be friends?

On November the 27th on a Tuesday I bought a green v neck dress, lime green skirt, and Charlotte Russe Pink Suede Keyhole platform pumps and all from Goodwill...I feel even more girly than ever before...I'm such a girlie girl...Oh and last week I bought Posh green nail polish and Red velvet nail polish and also mascara...:) I'm such a girlie girl...

Oh and I also purchased a orange blouse that makes me feel so girly...:)

Go girl, my selection is anything my wife has in the closet when I need it, and yes goodwell is a good place to shop!

Today I bought a full length skirt that is blue with green and blue flowers with some white and yellow...I also bought a black full length dress that has flowers with some splash of purple, yellow, sky blue, and white...I also got a blue dress that goes to above the knees. Also I purchased 2 pairs of high heels which are silver, plus I also bought a pink Victoria Secrets camisole which is absolutely adorable. All the purchases are from Goodwill and they have an awesome selection of clothes at an affordable prices. These clothes make me feel more of a girly girl than ever...:)

I now added a red sparkly Mary Jane High Heels but they are a costume but very much like the real thing.

Way to Go!

Welcome to the real word Sara.

Oh one other thing I got is a pink top that has a built in bra as well and it is so cute...:) So love being such a girly girl...:)

Here's another update as my shopping for girls' clothes is continuing on blossoming. I just got back from purchasing a pink skirt that goes past the knees, 2 shades of pink high heels, blue high heels, and a girls pink belt, green nail polish, orange nail polish...:) It seems that I am becoming more and more of a girly girl everyday...:)

(giggles) I have done some serious shopping this week too. Gone from four to seven dresses and two to four skirts (plus some other stuff too). Feels amazing!

This week I purchased a mini jean skirt, a orange mini skirt and Ivory colored heels...Feels so good to be feminine and sexy...:)

Ooh heels - i have my first ever pair on order. I hope they fit!

Oh also one costume dress which feels so much like a real dress which by the way is white and gold with clothing material sewn on the dress that would be worn to a ball

My update to my clothing is this: 9 pairs of high heels(4 silver,2 black, pink, gold, and white (slingbacks), 2 pairs of panties(light blue) with matching bra, 2 blonde wigs, eyeliner, blush, pink pout lipstick, pink nail polish, metallic blue and silver nail polish,pantyhose, 2 skirts (1 of them mini), 1 dress with petticoat (pink, brown, orange, yellow, & white), 5 other dresses (green[newest one], light sky blue, one white one with gold and silver, 1 pink one, one blueish purple, a silver purse, hair clips, head band, hair ties, and some hoop clip on earrings( would get my ears pierced if my family would understand so I compromised

Wow! A nicely growing collection here Sara. So many shoes too - I'm a very jealous girl ;)

I am a 60 yr. old male tg who has been living as a woman full time for almost a month. I started building my new wardrobe at the same time I began feminizing myself. I go shopping every Tuesday at a local thrift store because they ofer 40% off everything for seniors that day. I know own 5 dresses, three skirts, two pair of jeans, one pair of black slacks, six blouses, five pair of shoes, five bras, a dozen panties, a corset, waist cincher and garter belt. many pair of pantyhose and stockings, a beautiful purple strapless evening gown, two purses with matchin wallets and a box full of earings, neclaces, rings, and braclets. I think I have spent about $250 in all. Gotta love thrift stores

I now have another dress but it is a costume but it seems real though...

That is nice that you own feminie stuff and you enjoy wearing it as well. Happy that you have been able to adjust with your feminine side as well..

Marcy, by the way I now own 2 skirts one which is a mini and 7 pairs of high heels. 3 colors of nail polish. The colors are bright pink, sparkly blue and sparkly silver...

Marcy, there are times where I have questioned my gender. Times when I say it is just a phase or I like being femme when I am feeling stressed. Still I feel confused at this point in time.

I have been told by someone on here that I am transgendered but that is all I think...

So far the only undergarments that I own is a pair of pantyhose...Haven't had the courage yet to buy a bra, panties, or even a cami yet. I keep talking myself out of it...But I have makeup, like eyeliner, blush, and lipstick with some nail polish. Thank you Marcy.

What about your undergarments, Darling. You must enjoy them as well....stockings, panties, garters, bras? They are a must, Baby Doll!

Marcy, I now have 2 panties and a bra...

Marcy, today I bought a dress that has I think a slip or petticoat and a pair of white sling backs.