Need Some Help.

Ok so it's Friday and after bills I have about $50 play money. And my girl wardrobe is.... lacking any ideas on what to buy. I need everything. Got rid of old stuff because it was to small. So can anyone be of assistance?
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1 Response May 11, 2012

First off buy lots of underwear. Start with the foundation. Find a good bra that you can stuff successfully without it being too obvious, padded bras are good for doing this. Also find some pants. I have a mixture of briefs girly boxers and thongs/G-strings. I wear the thongs out occasionally but there mostly for in the bedroom with my girlfriend. Girly boxers are comfy but I find it harder to hide your guy bits in girly boxers (or boy shorts whatever you prefer to call them) so briefs are your best shot. Then learn to tuck (if you don’t already know). Then from there work your way up. Get some makeup and learn to apply it. Here is what you’ll need: foundation (as close to your skin colour as possible -DO NOT GO ORANGE!-) this will help you even out your skin tone. Next some bright red lipstick (this is not for your lips) blusher, eye shadows (don’t go for a mental bright colour at first start subtle. Eye liner, mascara, and finally a lipstick/lip gloss try to go a tiny bit darker than your skin tone for this this website should help you:<br />
<br /> (This will also explain what to do with the red lipstick and why it is important)<br />
<br />
After this go out buy some girls jeans (I buy skinny jeans because they make me legs look nice and feminine) get some casual girls tee shirts. then move to more girly clothing, leggings, tights, short shorts, skirts, dresses, vest tops, Ohhhhhhhhh and invest in a good razor/epilator or go out and get your legs/back/chest/underarms/arms waxed.